Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Christmas luncheon

Save the date!  We will enjoy Christmas lunch together at the North Valley blanket day on Monday, December 7th.  Our Saviour's Lutheran Church, Holladay.

Please join us for some blanket making and time together!  Lunch will be served about 12:00pm.

We hope to see you soon!

Millie & Kristin

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

November 2015 newsletter

South valley blanket day has moved up a week, to this Friday October 23rd from 9:30am to noon at the Riverton Senior center

 North valley blanket day - Monday, November 2nd from 10:00am to 2:00pm in Holladay

Welcome fall!  Football, cooler weather, falling leaves, more time for blankets!  I love sitting in the evening with a blanket draped across my lap crocheting.  It's all part of fall!

We've had a very busy month!  Thank you all and keep up the great work!

Blanketeer spotlight - Jean Peterson 

Jean has been a supporter of our chapter since it's beginning.  She answered an ad in the newspaper to learn from the Provo Chapter that Kathy was just starting a chapter in Salt Lake County.  We are so glad Jean called that ad!  If any of you sew, you'll know the time and dedication required for Jean's beautiful quilts.  Some of the blocks are even hand stitched before she sews them together, ties and binds them.  Kristin & Jean connect for pick up or drop off when she has a stack ready to deliver.  If I stop by her house I'm greeted by her cute dog, barking out of excitement to have a visitor!   Jean wasn't happy I requested a picture, but she was a great sport!  Thank you Jean for your contribution to our chapter.  Your blankets are beautiful and I know they are  loved and appreciated by the children who receive them!

Rowland Hall Upper School - 1/2 day of service

It is just amazing to again spend the day with the outstanding student volunteers at Rowland Hall Upper School.   Project Linus has been a part of their annual service day volunteering for 5 years.  This year there were 35 students participating and together they finished 51 blankets – most of them medium and large.   The fabric we were not able to finish was also donated. 

They are an outstanding group of students.  They take instruction with
focus; they work hard to make the blankets perfect; and they cleaned up
the work area when we were finished.   Then they formed a line and
carried arm-loads of blankets and equipment to my car. 
Rowland Hall has become an important part of our chapter's distribution and
the students are very willing to donate and volunteer.

Herriman Hills Ward

     We are so fortunate to have young women’s groups and local relief
 societies who produce events in blanket making to benefit Project Linus and the children we serve. 
     Herriman Hills Ward under the direction of Relief Society President, Esther Bickam and assistant Laura Anderson (pictured right) produced such an event in October.  Their message to the women and girls at that
event was that service to others is an important part of their lives and also a very rewarding part. 
    The week before their event, some ladies volunteered with Kristin to square material in preparation for their blanket making project.   

The next week their group gathered and in one evening they learned to make no-sew fringed blankets and completed 34 blankets – every one of which was perfectly made. 
An extra shout out of Thanks to fellow blanketeer Beckie Bailey for her assistance in Herriman that evening.

A special donation, knitted with love by Sandy


A special Thank you

I just wanted to say thank you!  My 2 year old daughter received one of your blankets at a Yellow Ribbon event last week in preparation for my husbands upcoming deployment.  She LOVES it and sleeps with it every night.  She tells everyone that it is her special blanket for when daddy goes far far away.  We are so grateful for the comfort it will bring! 
Thank you for what you do.  It is so appreciated!  Lyndsey

Keep up the amazing work!  Every contribution, every donation matters to a child.

Thank you!
Millie & Kristin

Monday, September 21, 2015

October 2015 newsletter


We hope you can join us at one of our next blanket days!

South valley blanket day is back!  The last Friday of every month - Please join Lynn & Edrie on Friday, September 25th from 9:30am to noon.  The new meeting place is Riverton Senior Center, 12914 South Redwood Road, Riverton.    We are excited to have a south valley blanket day and are grateful that Lynn, as our chairperson is organizing this new location.  Any questions, please contact Lynn # 801-651-1408 or email lynnmilsap@gmail.com

North Valley blanket day meets the first Monday of each month and will be Monday, October 5th at Our Saviour's Lutheran Church, 2500 E 3900 South from 10:00am to 2:00pm.  Please join us for some friendship and fun, while making some beautiful blankets for children.


“GOD’S WORK – OUR HANDS”  Church Members Make Blankets


     Again this year, the volunteers from Zion Lutheran Church and also from Our
Saviour’s Lutheran Church have made blankets for Project Linus to distribute.  The blankets were created especially for the children who are seen at The Children’s Justice Center.  They have expressed a need for blankets to give these children during their forensic medical exams - which are a part of investigations of child abuse.  Thanks folks for your help and kindness.

Spotlight – Best Wishes to Billie Anderson

      Thanks to Billie Anderson for her contribution and months of membership in our chapter.   She will be moving to Kingwood Texas this month where she and Phil will live in their newly built home which will be close to their children.  Billie’s crochet projects have been beautiful and she also bakes us goodies on blanket day.  We have enjoyed her smiling face and enthusiasm at our blanket day events.  We wish her joy in her new home.

Packaging for delivery 

Did you know that a card with this message is attached to every blanket with the Linus label that we distribute within Salt Lake County.  This gives a personal touch to the gift.  We want the child who receives the blanket to know that it was made with love by a real person, who cares about him/her.

        Together we can do great things!  Imagine how big of an impact it is to a child, when they received a bright colored, beautiful blanket, handmade by a volunteer like you!  We appreciate each and every one of you and together we are the SALT LAKE COUNTY CHAPTER OF PROJECT LINUS!

We hope to see you all soon!

Kristin & Millie

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

September 2015 Project Linus Newsletter

Blanket Day Schedules

     Though we had no blanket day in North valley on August 3rd, we were able to distribute 153 blankets to our various sites during the first week of August.   Thanks to all the blanketeers for continuing to work and contribute blankets for August deliveries.   

    Our north valley blanket work day for September blanket day is not even in September!  It is Monday, August 31, 2015!!  Please join us at Our Saviour's Lutheran Church in Holladay from 10am to 2pm.  This adjustment should get us back on schedule for the first Monday of each month for blanket day in the north valley.

    South valley blanket day is back!  Please join Lynn & Edrie on Friday, Aug 28th from 9:30am to noon.  The new meeting place is Riverton Senior Center, 12914 South Redwood Road, Riverton.    We are excited to have a south valley blanket day and are grateful that Lynn, as our chairperson is organizing this new location.  We invite you all to join Lynn Milsap and Edrie Bridenbaugh for a great work day!  Please bring your piece of fleece (1 1/2 yard or 2 yard piece) to make a great no sew fleece blanket during the work day.  Any questions, please contact Lynn # 801-651-1408 or email lynnmilsap@gmail.com.  We hope you will join us the last Friday of each month as we get a South Valley blanket day going!
Edrie & Lynn - look for these smiling faces on Friday at Riverton Senior Center!

A special thank you....for all of our blanketeers

I'm a foster mom to a 5 month old baby.  This week, we received a beautiful blanket made by Karen.  I just wanted to thank you for your generosity and kindness to a child who really needs the love and support of everyone around him!  Angela

Baby Showers for Veterans

     VA Women’s Center nurse, Nicole Ranch, has let us know that she has given our blankets to the veterans who have delivered babies at the VA Hospital.  Every month or so, the veterans and nurses give a baby shower for the pregnant women who are scheduled to deliver at the VA.  Women from several surrounding states come to this center for their prenatal care and birthing.    She has asked that we continue to send blankets for them and we of course will do so.  We are so pleased to be able to do something for our military service women.
                                “Working for Peanuts,” by Karen Rinedollar

     A new North area blanket day participant, Mary Jo Anhalt, (who has been a blanketeer for quite a number of years in Bakersfield California) lent me this book last month. 
     I am embarrassed to say that I really never knew the history of Project Linus and did not know that Karen Rinedollar was the founder.   It was so great to read about the history of our organization - beginning with Karen’s vision to serve children  - to the people who operate the National Headquarters of P L at the present time.  Her struggle to get the project off the ground and get permission from Charles Schultz Foundation to use the Peanuts character –Linus – is a worthwhile read and I recommend it.  Thank you Mary Jo.    Millie

    We wish to welcome Mary Jo to our chapter.  She has been doing handwork since she was 12 years old and is pictured here with one of her double no-sew blankets.  We are pleased to have her join our chapter. 

Thank you all for the great work you continue to do!  We hope to see you all soon!

With a blanket hug,
Millie & Kristin
email; slcprojectlinus@gmail.com

Saturday, July 25, 2015

August newsletter

  August Break

As you know we are taking a break for our usual first Monday of the month for August.  Please keep in mind that the needs continues even though we do not meet together . **Remember you can drop off any finished blankets off at Our Saviour's Lutheran Church** or any other drop off spot listed on our blog.  Please include your name and contact information with your blanket donation.    Blankets received the first week of August will be labeled and distributed, even though we won’t be working as a group.  


Our next meeting is scheduled for Monday, August 31st from 10am to 2pm at Our Saviour's Lutheran Church (this will count as our September work day).  


Spotlight On Blanketeer Doris Long

  Doris has been attending our north valley blanket day for over three years.  She met another Blanketeer, Carol Holmes, at a meeting of the “Scarlet O’Hara” chapter of the Red Hat Ladies.  Carol told her about what Project Linus does for children and Doris immediately became involved.

She was raised in Wisconsin and earned her RN degree there.  But says she once drove thru Salt Lake on a trip home from California and always wanted to revisit or even live in Salt Lake.  Later on when she married Cecil Long, he was transferred in 1974 to SLC thru his work with the VA system - and here she is still.  She spent her career in nursing at the University Medical Center as a patient care nurse and retired in 1995. 

     When Cecil retired they began spending their winters in Apache Junction, Arizona.  But now she has decided to discontinue her “snowbird retreats” to warmer climates and stay in SLC where two of her three daughters live. 

    Her skill in crochet was learned from her grandmother and she learned to knit when she was in nursing school – (but she can’t remember who taught her.)  Doris has traveled far and wide and she loves to walk, (though she used to be a hiker.)   We are so happy to have Doris at our blanket days.  Thank you Doris for your wonderful blankets.


Our Blankets for NICU Babies

      On my recent delivery to the NICU at Pioneer Valley Hospital, I was invited by the nurses to visit the newest little ones in their care.   Among them was a little girl weighing 3 pounds!  She was thriving beautifully with only a feeding tube thru her nose.  She was completely separate from the atmosphere and contained in her own “condo”.  The “isolette” even had a cloth cover over it to protect her from the light.  She will remain there till she is 4 pounds and can progress to the next level of care.

     The nurses tell me that our blankets are a beautiful gift to moms and dads who appreciate them so much.  They told me that they had a baby last week who was picked up to go home by his parents, and the only thing they had in which to bring him home, was one of our beautiful blankets and an undershirt that the nurses had to give them. 

     Often the parents of these fragile babies haven’t much at all.  It makes my heart swell to know that our blankets are welcomed and appreciated deeply.  Thank you blanketeers for your work and service.     Millie 

Supporting our military....

 Thank you blanketeers for all you do!  We appreciate you attending our blanket days and dropping off any finished blankets the first week of August.  We can continue to do amazing things, and comfort a child in a time of crisis with a blanket hug.

We hope to see you soon!

Millie & Kristin

Sunday, June 21, 2015

July newsletter

A Big “Thank You” to Blanketeers

     Hello everyone and happy summer days.  This note is to say thanks to all of you, who every month, keep on working, donating, and contributing to our Salt Lake County Chapter.

     Six months of this year are already past, and we are right on target with our distribution numbers as compared with last year.  We have distributed 1052 blankets to kids in need so far – that’s an average of 175 blankets every month! 

     This would not be possible without the diligent support from all of you.  You know who you are --- You are awesome! 

A thank you from a family - donation site Fisher House (serving military families)

Dear Millie, We were staying at Fisher House last week.  Had a tough week but all turned out good.  Home in Colorado again.  We were proud recipients of a blanket from Project Linus and your name was signed as the maker.  Just wanted to say Thank You and it sure brightened our day.  What is done for the users of Fisher House is amazing!  We really appreciate what you do.  May you be truly blessed in this wonderful undertaking of helping and cheering others.  
Thanks again, Richard and Barbara

  Spotlight On Linda Good

          “ Volunteer” should be Linda’s middle name.  Not only does she volunteer with Project Linus, but she also spends every Thursday at the St. Mark’s NICU working with the nurses and babies.  She belongs to a professional sorority, Alpha Lambda, which is a chapter of ESA – an International organization whose primarily goal is to raise money for St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital.  They give to other worthy non-profit organizations and have donated directly to Project Linus as well.
Linda likes to crochet the edges of fleece blankets.  She attends blanket day and works on fringed fleece blankets also.  And she makes little hats for babies in the NICU.  One Halloween, she and her mom, made little Halloween costumes for the babies which the moms and dads had fun with.  When you have a baby in the NICU it is nice to get something to smile about.   
      Linda retired after 35 years in the Book business with Barnes and Noble.  She and her husband Jerry are avid travelers.  They travel most every month, usually somewhere that they can play golf.  They have two sons and two grandchildren who also live here in Salt Lake City.   
     We are so grateful for Linda’s participation with Project Linus and we enjoy her company at blanket day.  Thanks Linda.  
                                                Blanket Day Calendar Changes

     July 6th will be a regular blanket day – business as usual.   
    August 3rd there will be no blanket making day – but you will be able to drop off finished blankets at Our Saviour’s Church and Millie will pick them up on the 5th.  Sign them in with the secretary there – Connie Degn.  If you need any fabric cut or punched for crochet just leave it at the church (with your name on it) and Millie will get it back to you.

     September – Rather than waiting till after labor day, we will have a blanket day on August 31st – the last Monday in August.  We hope that works for everyone.  This will allow us to make deliveries on time in September. 

Have a wonderful summer and we hope to see you soon!

Millie & Kristin

Friday, May 22, 2015

August blanket day cancelled

Due to a scheduling conflict, we are cancelling the August blanket day.  If you have finished blankets to donate that month, please drop off at one of our donation sites (please include a note with your name and contact information) or contact Millie or Kristin.  We apologize for any inconvenience.