Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Newsletter June 2016


  Blanket Day - Summer Schedule

The first Monday of the month is the preferred blanket day date!  However, holidays also seem to occur on the first Monday – July 4th and September 7th.    In order not to space our blanket days too far apart – this is the schedule we will follow:

 June 6th – This date works fine.

July 11th – This is the second Monday (avoiding July 4th)

August 1st – This day also works fine.

August 29th – This will be the day we meet rather than waiting until the 12th of September.

September 5th - This is Labor Day -no blanket day this month (August 29th will replace it.)

October 3rd – This takes us back to our regular schedule
 Join us anytime between 10:00 and 2:00 at OSLC

 Spotlight on Blanketeers and Fund Raising

     Last year I spotlighted Jackie Cohen and her sister Chris Nash and welcomed them as new blanketeers.   These sisters have since then, recruited more blanketeers to their sewing circle.  They meet once a week to sew quilts, crochet edges on fleece and share sewing ideas to benefit Project Linus.  They have taught their friend Murleen Filmore to crochet edges on the fleece blankets as well.  Patsy Bueno often joins them also. 
     Among Jackie’s good ideas is a suggestion for fund raising.  She says that if any of you out there belong to Thrivent Insurance Co, you can apply to head up a “Thrivent Action Team”.   Since Project Linus qualifies and is recognized as a project to be funded, you can receive up to $250.00 to buy fabric and supplies for blanket making. 
                Pictured are Jackie, Chris, Murleen & Patsy


            New Contributors

These intricately made designer-quilts were made and donated this month by Linda Hunter.  They are heavily stitched and have imaginative patterns.  What a lovely gift for us to give to children!  Thank you so much Linda.   

Also, thanks this month to Becky Wright of American Express Volunteers for their generous donation of fleece blankets.

Thanks also to Emily Stanton of Valley Park 5th Ward for her work with children and their donation of fleece blankets. 

Hugs and thanks to all of you who volunteer your time and work so diligently for Project Linus and for the good of children.    Millie

Friday, April 22, 2016

May Newsletter

 Spring brings more changes to Project Linus.   This time the changes are National Project Linus.

Carol Babbitt – CEO - of Project Linus

We have received notice that the Chief Executive Officer of Project Linus has begun to plan for her retirement.   Our amazing leader, Carol Babbitt, has successfully and tirelessly guided and directed PL for the past 16 years.  A search for her replacement will begin immediately (however she will be transitioning over a period of months.)

Search will not be limited to current coordinators/volunteers.  If you, or someone you know may be interested in details about the position, please email a letter of intent, your qualifications and a resume to: opportunity@projectlinus.org.   

Another Contributor/Blanketeer  - Liz Nixon

  Liz loves to knit.  She has been knitting baby blankets for PL for more than a year now.  Her stitching is letter perfect and her little blankets are just the perfect in size and color for delivery to the hospital newborn care units in the county.  This is a picture of some of her work all labeled, packaged and ready to be delivered.    Thanks for your contributions Liz

                                Edrie Bridenbaugh

Edrie is a longtime contributor to SLC Project Linus.  She met former Chapter Coordinators, Kathy Morrow and Kristin Vance some 9 years ago and they invited her to attend a blanket-making day at South Jordan Library.  She has since then been an active PL blanketeer.

Edrie learned to sew clothing, cross-stitch, and crochet in her youth, but when life got busy she gave it up.  She spent 20 years as a single parent, raising two daughters and advancing in her education and career.  Edrie holds a MSW from U of U and was a successful career social worker with Granite School District.  In retirement she again took up handwork.  She is still active with the Riverton Senior Center blanket group.

The Western Fringe Blanket

Edrie has perfected a unique type of “Western Fringe” fleece blanket.  It is a good style for teenagers.  The style also suits patterns that are western and nature themes, as well as plaid or geometric designs. She says it takes a steady hand and good scissors to make sure the tiny fringes are even.  Here is a picture of the blanket style.

        She cautions people who are planning to make this pattern:
1.    Cut the corners at no more than 3 inch.
2.    Fringes are cut at 3” long and no more than ¼ “ wide all the way around or you lose the “western look.”
Thanks to Edrie for your interest and dedication to Project Linus.  

Looking Forward to Seeing You All at Blanket Day - May 2nd!  
                                Hugs and Thanks,