Sunday, November 27, 2016

December 2016 Newsletter

Christmas Blanketeer Appreciation 

We will lift off the Christmas Season early this year with a special blanket making day and Christmas luncheon.  Please join us by noon on December 5th at Our Saviour’s Lutheran Church, 3900 South 2500 East for light lunch and dessert. 

Shop With A Cop

We are pleased to be able to participate again this year in the Christmas “Shop With a Cop” event.  We have joined with Officer Darren Orr (the coordinator of this event) and many other volunteers who give their time and talents to make this a happy Christmas gift for children.   This year we will donate 110 blankets, all hand made by blanketeers, to help give a sense of security and comfort to kids.

Thanks to Blanketeers:

“My son Arden was recently in the NICU at St. Mark’s for almost two weeks.  We received a blanket from Project Linus and wanted to first thank you and second see how we could become involved. …”
                                            Nicole Froerer

“Words cannot express our gratitude for the time, effort and thoughtfulness of Joy and Barbara in making these darling blankets.  The children will absolutely cherish and love them!'   
                       Danielle Hildebrand, Shriners Hospital
 Riverton Blanket Day

For those of you who are located in the South Area of Salt Lake Valley please remember that you are always invited to participate with Lynn Milsap's blanket making day at the Riverton Senior Center.  This month they will be meeting on December 9th from 9:30 to noon.   Usually, they meet on the 4th Friday of every month. 

Hints and Tips: 

There are lots of fun patterns for blanket edges on fleece.  This one is two rows of two double crochets in each hole, including the first row thru the holes.  Topped with a single crochet round.

 PL does not accept fleece blankets with knotted edges.  For a smooth blanket use the fringe loop or the western fringe.  For patterns go to:

Friday, October 28, 2016

November Newsletter 2016



Year to Date Blanket Report

Our total distribution for this year so far is 2001 blankets!!  We have met our number from last year and we still have two more months to go.  Thanks to all of you volunteers who sew, buy fabric, contribute, deliver blankets, and in many other ways support our efforts to help children. 

We distributed 310 blankets this past month.  Now we are looking forward to November when we will again gather blankets for the “Shop With A Cop” program.  This event takes place as a Christmas shopping trip for about 100 children.  Our volunteers love this project. 

Honoring the life of Shauna Dumont of Riverton

Shauna, in her short life, influenced those she knew by her example of never-ending, selfless service.  In her honor, her friends and neighbors opted to perform a service for children.  They gathered to make these 40 blankets, which were donated to Project Linus for distribution to children in need of comfort.  


 This quiet beautiful neighborhood in Midvale is the “Life Start Village.”  Our Chapter has picked up this new site for our blankets.

Life Start, a transitional and supportive housing for mothers and children, serves 54 families and about 100 children.  The three-stage self-sufficiency program helps support mothers’ efforts to leave homelessness, drug-dependency, or domestic violence. 

The children who receive our blankets have almost nothing when they come to the program from homelessness.  We are so happy to give them a security blanket of their very own.  

Make a Blanket Day

Come on over to Our Saviour’s Lutheran Church on November 7th to make a blanket with our volunteers.  Come any time from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm and stay as long as you want.  Enjoy snacks, conversation, meet friends, and make blankets for kids.

                        Happy Blanket Making ,   Millie



If you are making a no-sew blanket, remember - the longer the fringe  - the smaller the blanket.  Loop-fringe holes must be max 1/8 inch and both selvage edges must be removed.  Never Knots!  

Monday, September 26, 2016

October 2016 Newsletter

Little ones learn early that 
babies need a blanket hug!! 

                    The Children Our Volunteers Serve:   

 All of Salt Lake County’s growing population.  It seems as though there is an ever-increasing need and an ever-increasing number of children in crisis in S. L. County.
That’s because the county is growing at an amazing rate and has reached 1,030,000 in 2016.   It stands to reason that along with that population growth there will also be more children in desperate situations. 

Our volunteers serve children in these cities of Salt Lake County: 
Salt Lake City, Sandy, West Valley City, South Salt Lake, West Jordan, Murray, Midvale, Holladay, Riverton, Taylorsville, Cottonwood Heights, Herriman, Alta, East Millcreek

SLC Youth Services - Boys and Girls Group Home

Last month we picked up a new distribution site – SLC Youth Services.  This boys’ and girls’ group home is a place of refuge, safety and shelter for children/youth.  (The Christmas Box provides that same service for younger children)

Received Thank You Notes:
 “Thank you for your blanket donation today! That was so generous!  We appreciate your kindness and you are assured that our teen youth on campus will appreciate these blankets”
                   Carolyn Hendrycks,
                   SLC Youth Services

  “Dear Project Linus Members!
     Thank you so very much for the wonderful blankets you donate to our babies and their parents. They are always well-made beautiful works of art.  We only wish you could see the joy on the parent’s faces when they see this gift in their going-home bags. 
                  Much Love To You,
                  The Staff & Babies - St. Mark’s NICU”

          Our Saviour’s Lutheran Church

Many churches throughout the valley sponsor special service project events once a year.  This one is called “God’s Work Our Hands”.  The volunteers pictured here have made blankets for P L to distribute to children. 


 Note:      As of the end of this month the national PL store is back up  and operating.  Phone number is the same:  
New Address is:   
                           Project Linus
                           P. O. Box 1548
                           Belton, MO 64012

Many thanks to all of you Blanketers and P.L. supporters for all you do for children.  Hugs to all of you.        Millie  

Sunday, August 14, 2016

September Newsletter 2016

Looking forward to….  

If it seems like a short time between blanket-making days, that’s because it is!  Our September day is happening two days before September.  Join us on August 29th, and then not again till October 3rd.  
Hope your Labor Day celebration is a fun one. 

This past month we have received a wonderful in-kind donation of cotton quilting fabric and flannel for receiving blankets.  Thanks to LuAnn Greenwood for looking up Project Linus and getting the fabric to us.  We have been able to share the windfall with Square Corner Quilters as well as with others who sew and contribute to PL children.  

        We provide security blankets for babies:  Here is a “thank you” received from a new mom:

We received a Linus Blanket with the arrival of our daughter this past week and I hope that our heartfelt thanks will reach the women who made it.  We delivered at Pioneer Valley.  The note says it was made by “Lanette.”  She did such beautiful work.  Please thank her for me, and also thank you for this beautiful program.  We’re already putting the blanket to good use, as you can see in the picture.   Kenzee”

 We also provide blanket hugs for teens:  Here is a “thank you” from SLC Youth Services – for our donation to teens living in group homes: 

Thank you for your generous donation!  Together, we are working to make a difference in the lives of abused, neglected and at-risk youth.”

If you are wondering what size blankets to make this month – 
THINK BABIES!    We are in short supply for the NICU’s and hospitals. 

Thanks Blanketeers for all you do – whether it’s shopping, sewing, cutting fabric, delivering, labeling, fund raising, etc. it all counts for kids.



Thursday, July 21, 2016

August 2016 Newsletter

Hi Blanketeers, 

        A reminder that our usual calendar has been changed!  In August we will meet for blanket making twice – 4 weeks apart.  Blanket days will be on August 1st and August 29th.    Thus - no blanket day in September – all due to the way Labor Day is so late in the month this year. 

We Love All Types of Blankets

I have been thinking about how many different ways there are to make a lovely blanket for a child.  Since there is no “one right way” just let your imagination range and don’t limit your creativity.

The only requirement for a Linus blankets is that it should be serviceable, child friendly, new, hand made, and quality made.  Make your blanket as though it were a gift for a loved child that you would want him/her to treasure and keep. 

Our basic “Fleece Fringe Loop” blanket is an important mainstay to our distribution. 

Some variations on that basic pattern include – “Western Fringe“  “Arrow Feathers” “Bunny Ears” “Jungle Grass”  “Pinking Edge” and others.

We love to receive blankets that are “All Crochet or Knit” - soft yarn – no wool.
Also the “Crocheted Edge Fleece” makes a great blanket and can be edged with either a feminine or masculine look.  The stitches are as many as there are people stitching them.   Here are some examples:

“Flannel Receiving Blankets” are wonderful - machine sewn or edged with crochet.

Of course – All Types of Quilts are also kids’ favorites!  Note: If you create one with raw flannel edges – be sure to wash it so most of the loose thread that will fray, has a chance to remove itself in the washer and dryer. 

Hope you are having fun designing and creating blankets in your own special way - for the children that Project Linus serves.  

Wishing you a happy – however warm – summer.    Hugs to all of you and thanks for all you do.