Saturday, August 31, 2019

September 2019 - P L Newsletter 

Since Labor day, falls on the first Monday in September, blanket day at Our Saviour’s Lutheran Church will be held on September 9th10:00 am to 2:00 pm.  Join us for any or all of these hours.  

Blanket day at Riverton Senior Center will be September 27th9:30 to noon.  Looking forward to seeing everyone.  

             Country Crossing 8th Ward - Blanket Project

Candace Gittens has worked for several months to get ready for this successful blanket making evening.  She was assisted by Carol Beckstead and Carol Lee Doramus (pictured here L to R) and about 15 women of her ward’s relief society.  

They also donated finished fringe fleece blankets, crochet edged blankets, and fleece fabric.   Making the kind of high quality blanket that PL distributes takes a lot of preparation before the fringe cutting can even be started. 

With that in mind, Candace began early to learn the pattern and the process.  She, Carol, and Carol Lee, joined several blanket making days with PL Volunteers.  They learned this process, and were ready to teach others at the event.   

           Thanks is Hardly Enough to Say…..but…..

Thanks to all of you who donated jewelry for the P L funding raising boutique scheduled for November 7that OSLC.   We have enough now to make a great sale on that day.  

Special thanks always to our regular blanket delivery volunteer – Denna Wright.  For more than 10 years she has been driving all over S LCounty with bags of blankets for kids.

Also special thanks to Marie Jex who has been faithfully labeling your beautiful blankets for two years now.  She regularly carries bags of blankets to her home and then back to us every month.   

Thanks to Vicky Hall who has been our liaison person with the Square Corner Quilters.  They have been submitting dozens of wonderful quilts to PL over the years.  

Mountain Vista Methodist Church has a new quilt group coordinator.  Thanks to Patty Schaffer who has been making sure that we get their beautiful quilts every month.  

Claudeen Luckart & Sharon Allred deserve many thanks for their continuing submissions of large size quilts made by their Sweet Charity Sisters quilt group. 
Thanks also to Steve and Kim Weis - Kimmie Ann Fabrics - who donate amazing long arm quilting services to P L individual quilters.  Pictured here is one of his quilt designs.  

All of you Blanketeers are amazing TEAMworkers.  Thanks to all for every part you play in getting comfort blankets to kids.   

ogether veryone chieves ore.  

Millie & Patsy   

Sunday, July 28, 2019

August Newsletter 2019

Hi Blanketeers,
Next Blanket making days:
                        August 12th at OSLC - 10:00am to 2:00pm
                        August 23rd at Riverton Senior Center 9:30am - noon
All of you loyal blanketeers have spent an enormous amount of money over the years in order to make security blankets for children.  We have been thinking of ideas and ways to ease this burden.  This newsletter is about raising money to buy materials, fabric and supplies for us to work into blankets.

            Fund Raising:
               “We don’t have to be wealthy to give,
               We just have to be willing……”
                                                            Linda Simmons
Personal Contacts:         
Patsy and I have prepared a formal letter of introduction and a packet of information that you can use to contact anyone you think might be in a key position to donate to PL.   If you feel you have a possible personal contact, let us know and we will get you the formal letter and brochure to give them

Create An Event:
     My great-grandsons and I did a fun little fund-raising event last month.  Here is a picture of our project.  It only earned $51.00 – but the boys were proud of themselves.  All the golfers that bought golf balls thanked them for volunteering to help other children. 

We only have 5 families who have attached their Smith’s loyalty rewards card to our PL.  If you are not already attached to some other charity – lets sign you up.  It costs you nothing and it does bring in a little money every quarter.  We will show you how to do it on blanket day. 

Thanks from a parent – Jerry S 
 “Just wanted to say thank you for the baby blanket we received at St. Mark’s NICU.  It is a very lovely blanket that we will keep forever.” 

Thanks for all you do.  Hope your summer is a fun one. 
Millie and Patsy

Monday, June 24, 2019

July 2019 Newsletter

Hello Blanketeers, 
   Blanket day at OSLC --July 1st
   Blanket day at Riverton Senior Center – July 26th
           You are all invited.  

“Quilting together” is a long and wonderful tradition among women.  The bonding that occurs and the friendships that are formed when working together to produce a quilt, are their own reward.  Even in this day of machines and automation, hand quilting is a favorite pastime.  The quilts produced are pieces of art and most of them have some special message for the recipient.

I recently ran across an amazing quilt in a Julesburg Colorado roadside welcome center.  The quilt, made by the women of the town, features a block for every state in the union.  On the block is embroidered the date of statehood, the state flower, state bird, and which number the state was in joining the USA.   
In the center is a pony express block because Julesburg was the last settlement where the pony express stopped.

For those of you who read (as well as sew) here are stories about quilting groups:
     Prayers for Sale, Sandra Dallas
     The Persian Pickle Club, Sandra Dallas
     Jennifer Chiaverini has written 20 books about quilting groups. 
           “Elm Street Quilts” series:  
            “The Quilter’s Apprentice” was the first one
            “The Giving Quilt” is number twenty.  

    Working for Peanuts, Karen Rinedollar (founder of Project Linus.)
You are all carrying on the tradition!   
Hugs to all, Millie & Patsy

Thursday, May 23, 2019

 June Newsletter 2019        
Hello Blanketeers, 

 Hearts Knit Together 

We are so pleased to have discovered another place through which to distribute security blankets to children in crisis.  Hearts Knit Together is a 501c3 non-profit. The Executive Director is Linda Simmons. The focus of this volunteer organization is on the YWCA Women in Jeopardy program for battered women and children.  

They put together separate kits of necessary and comfort items that are placed on the beds of women who check into the shelters for help.  These women usually have their children with them. 
Linda was in need of blankets for the children’s kits.  She prefers fleece, one and a half yards – using the fringe loop pattern we use, but only fringed on the two longer ends of the fabric.  That makes them less bulky and easier to fit into the kits. They also have been pleased to accept crochet edged blankets and receiving blankets.  

She sometimes receives fleece that is not made into blankets.  This has become a win-win partnership.  She will send the fleece thru us to work on and we will return them as beautiful blankets.  Kits pictured Here

 The Magic of a Security Blanket

Recently I had occasion (not a happy one) to be waiting in a California Emergency Room for several hours. Here is something I learned. 
People of every age and ability came in for service during that time.  At lease half of the people who came in for help, also carried with them their security blankets – most of them fleece:  

..A woman with an 18 month old and a new baby (both snuggled in fleece blankets.)
..An older woman in a wheel chair who had her head and shoulders covered with her blankets
..An older man who put the blanket over his knees
..A 13 year-old boy who had his fleece blanket wadded up in his lap and his phone on top of it to play on 
..An older teenage girl 
..A 4 year-old boy 
..A young adult woman – all with blankets for comfort.  

These blankets were not made by Linus volunteers – but it made me realize how much comfort the blankets are when people need hugs and security.    
We are looking forward to working with you soon: 

OSLC  - June 3rd– 10:00 to 2:00  Join us to work – we will have fleece for your use that day.  

Riverton Senior Center – June 28th9:30 to noon.  Jackie will be back to guide you.  

Happy June,   
Millie and Patsy

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

May 2019 Newsletter

Hello Blanketeers,

Many thanks are due to all the participating quilters who contributed their “twin-size” children’s quilts to the project we committed to last month.  

Tooele, Royal Family Kids Camp had asked us to provide 50 hand-made quilts for the counseling camp which is scheduled for July this summer. 
This is a week devoted to giving hope and love to children who have been abused or neglected.  This summer they will each be taking home with them from camp – a handmade Linus quilt.  In order to have assurance that they were to have them in time we agreed to a date in May to deliver them.

You quilters are amazing – generous – talented – efficient!!   We finished a month early.  I was able to have the director of the program; Kendra Keddington and Angela Sorenson (who found Project Linus in the first place) come to my house and pick up the complete group of gorgeous quilts.  Here they are squishing bags of quilts into the Jeep Cherokee.

As you know – we usually make quilts in smaller sizes for babies and cribs.  This was an ambitions project and I am very proud of all of you who worked so hard to complete the request:
       Sweet Charity Sisters, Joy Millet, Jackie Cohen, Lanette Powell,  Square Corner Quilters, and Mountain Vista Church Quilters.   

Retiring from Leadership

Two of our long time blanket makers from South Valley are retiring from their position of organizers – Edrie Allred and Lynn Milsap.  They will continue to make blankets with their group which contributes exclusively to Project Linus, but they will take a rest from being the organizers.    

This is an ambitious group of blanket makers.  They will continue to meet at the Riverton Senior Center under the direction of Jackie Cohen who has been a contributing blanket maker and fund raiser for Project Linus for 6 years.  

   Contact Jackie at 805-256-5079 if you would like to join this group.  They work from about 9:30 am to noon.  Everyone is welcome to bring a piece of fleece and make fringe loop blankets. Meeting next -  May 24th

Of course, everyone is invited to participate in the blanket making day at OSLC, 2500 East 3900 South from 10:00am to 2:00pm the first Monday of every month.  Meeting next - May 6th.

Thanks for making PL successful in SLCounty.  
   Millie and Patsy

Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Newsletter April, 2019

                Hello Blanketers -   We Made It to Spring Once Again!                      
    We will be having blanket making day at Our Saviour’s Lutheran Church on April 1stfrom 10:00 to 2:00.   Looks like we will also be having guests that day.  They would like to be taught how to make blankets in our fringe loop pattern. 
         They are organizing a blanket-making event scheduled for this summer.  I will be asking you experienced blanketeers to be teachers that day.  It should be fun to teach people how to do it well.

    Royal Family Kids Camp 
          As for our project for June for the Royal Family Kids Camp event, we have already reached our 50-quilt goal (25 girls 25 boys).  They are all twin size, (larger than we normally make.) 
        The event isn’t until June but everyone responded so quickly that we are ready early.  The children in this June 2019 counseling camp have been removed from trauma or neglect and reside now in capable foster care.  The quilts will be used at camp and then the children will take them home to keep.   

Who Receives Our Blankets?
           The blankets our volunteers make go all over Salt Lake County (where they are needed and when they are needed) by newborn babies and children up to age 18.  Over the years of our chapter they have been distributed through many agencies.  The list is extensive, but to name a few:
            NICU’s –
            St. Mark’s, LDS, Alta View, Pioneer Valley, and Primary Children’s. 
            Guardian ad Litem – SL County
            Utah Refugee Services
            Children of military families
            Crisis Care Centers
            Children’s Justice Centers
            Police & Fire Departments
            Police Christmas Shopping Event
            Baby Your Baby Programs-  SL County, Provo & Tooele     
            Individual children in crisis
            Boys and Girl’s Group Home

Thanks goes out to all the blanketeers with the big hearts who spend their money and time to make all of this happen. 

Looking Ahead and Planning
         OSLC has been great at raising funds for PL at the Fall Boutique.  This year we are thinking of how fine it would be if we were ready to offer lovely hand crafted items for sale.  Patti Schafer who is very skilled in crafts has offered to help us create meaningful and useful items.  Patti’s craft items have been a huge success at other church boutiques. 
    Will be sending more news on that idea for fund raising soon. 

Best wishes to blanketeer Roxanne Dixon who is heading over to Colorado to live.  Thanks Roxanne for all your blanket work and being there for us to enjoy working with you.   
    Thanks everyone for all you do for PL.  
                                                       Millie and Patsy

Tuesday, February 26, 2019

March 2019 Newsletter 
Hello Blanketeers,

We have been asked to participate in a special program for kids this coming June.

Angela Sorensen who is a volunteer at Royal Family Kid’s Camp in Sandy has asked if we could make and contribute quilts to that event.

The camp is for abused and neglected kids who are now in foster care here in Utah.  Her goal is to get a hand made quilt for each of the kids that they could receive for comfort at the camp, and then take with them when they leave. 

She would need quilts for 27 girls and 23 boys!  I think, as a group, we have the ability to meet this need.  If you would be interested in contributing a quilt, or more than one, for this event please let us know.

The children are from age 7 to 11 and her request is that they be twin bed size quilts.  So we would need to make them at 50 x 70 inches or larger.  They do not have to be long arm quilted.  A hand made quilt is great.  

Also I still have fabric and quilt kits with matching fabric.   If you would like to have some of this material I will get it to you. 

Thanks for all you do. Being a blanketeer is important and appreciated.

Millie and Patsy