Sunday, April 27, 2014

newsletter - May 2014

Dear Blanketeers,

Happy Spring!  At least spring in Utah, which can be rain, snow, sunshine or everything in between.  I am so happy that the days are longer and weather is warming up!  I have lived  her long enough to not be tricked, so I'm still waiting to shop for flowers and officially welcome the sunshine.

We are busy, busy with some beautiful blankets coming in.  We are always to pleased to receive beautiful, well made quilts, crocheted blankets and bright, soft fleece blankets.  You are all amazingly talented.  We so appreciate your loving and amazing talent.  Thank you  for sharing your time and continuing to donate bright, kid friendly blankets.

MAKE A BLANKET DAY at North Valley will be Monday, May 5th from 10:00am to 2:00pm.  Please join us at Our Saviour's Lutheran Church 3900 S 2500 E in Holladay.  We can't wait to see you!

      Spotlight on: Two Close Friends written by Millie

      Shirley Geary and Nan DeBernardi

      I chose to spotlight these two friends together as every time  see them they are together.   Usually Nan drops by and picks up Shirley on her way to make-a-blanket day every mont.  They joined Project Linus together when Kathy Morrow first organized, but their friendship goes back much further – 28 years.
     Nan and Shirley shared their teaching careers at St Ann’s Catholic School in Salt Lake City. Together they covered the spectrum of grades.  Nan taught 1st and 3rd in Wyoming, and Kindergarten at St. Ann’s.  Shirley taught 4th, 5th, and 6th at St. Ann’s. 
     Shirley was raised in New Bedford, Massachusetts and she came to Utah when her husband was employed as an Engineer at H.E.Cramer Co.   They have one daughter and also a son who has given them 3 grandkids – all are living in nearby.  Must not forget to mention her special Wheaten Terrier – Maxwell. 
     Nan has two sons who have each managed to have twins.  She now has two sets of twin grandchildren and an additional girl for good measure.   Except for Nan, who was a teacher, it’s an engineering family - her husband, two sons, and one daughter in law.
     Both of these blanketeers learned to crochet after joining our chapter.  Not only do they make blankets together, they belong to a book club, shop, and often lunch together.  Their sons attended Judge Memorial together.  
     Shirley says the thing she likes most about PL “is being of service for the many kids who are in need.”   Nan says “after leaving the our blanket day she goes home feeling uplifted and happy.”

    Our Project Linus Chapter is very lucky to have such devoted and supportive women.  You both are loved and appreciated.   Our heartfelt thanks to both Nan and Shirley.         

We received this wonderful thank you letter from Primary Children's Hospital:

Dear Salt Lake County Project Linus Members,

Thank you for being a hero to children at Primary Children's Hospital.  Your gift of all sizes and kinds of blankets will help our patients as they battle complex illnesses and injuries.

There are common traits among heroes:  They excel in strength and courage; they accept challenges; they battle demons.  All of these can be said of our patients and their families.  Thank you for thinking of them and helping to ease their burden.  On the third floor of the hospital are life-size statues of Superman and Spider Man.  Our patients love to look up to them.  Likewise, we look up to you for your thoughtfulness and caring.

The delightful Mr. Rogers once said, "Anyone who does anything to help a child in his life is a hero to me."  On behalf of the staff at Primary Children's Hospital and especially the patients, thank you for your kind act of service.

Warmest reguards,

Sharon A. Goodrich
Foundation Director

We wanted you to know that everything you put into our project is noticed.  Thank you for your continued participation and support of our chapter.  We hope to see you next Monday on May 5th or sometime soon!  North Valley always meets the 1st Monday each month (unless it's a holiday) so we hope you can join us!

With a blanket hug,

Kristin & Millie