Sunday, December 21, 2014

Newsletter January 2015

Dear Blanketeers,                                                                 December 2014

Our annual Christmas social this year was another success!  20 plus blanketeers, all worked together and then enjoyed a lovely lunch.  Thanks Kristin for bringing the main course (wrap sandwiches, veggies and chips).  Thank you also to the blanketeers who brought fruit and desserts.  Last month we received 153 blankets and that allowed us to distribute 306 blankets in December, (included in this total was a once a year delivery to Shop with a Cop South Jordan).  For those who could not attend, we missed you!  Thank you for keeping our project running great!

Spotlight on Blanketeers

Doris Long, who has been a long time blanketeer with Project Linus, is going to spend the winter in St. George (rather than her usual Arizona destination).  It happens that we have a group of Project Linus contributors who live either full time of part time in St. George.  Doris is anxious to meet them and work on Linus blankets this winter.

Two of our St George blanketeers are: Terry Whittrey and Bea Keohane.  Terry has been crocheting for most of her life.  Her mom taught her when she was very young.  Terry's blankets are beautiful and she says she can complete two of them during a television football game!

Bea has been a quilter for several years, but has given it up and now concentrates on crochet.  She has not only donated blankets, but also contributed her cutting boards, rotary cutters and fabric punchers. This makes it possible for her, Rochelle Pacheco and Karen Park, to operate quite independently.

Millie is always happy to drop off and pick up blankets  on her frequent trips thru St. George.  In this picture, Bea is on the left and Terry on the right.  Thanks ladies for all your many donated hours!

Olympus Hills Stake Service Project

Olympus Hills Stake held it's annual service-day project in December.  The theme of the day was "The Night before Christmas?  Among their projects, the  pajama clad volunteers (about 40 of them) worked on Project Linus blankets.  Sarah Harris and Somer Holt organized the volunteers, shopped for the fleece, and also prepared the fleece for this event.  Their prep work of squaring material, removing selvage, cutting the corners and taping one side, allowed their workers to quickly see what had to be done.  They completed 30 beautiful snuggle blankets for children this Christmas.  Our chapter was able to distribute a large number of blankets in December thanks to projects like this one.  We so appreciate the generosity of the members of Olympus Hills LDS Stake!

A note of thanks for Darren Orr, Director of Shop with a Cop (South Jordan)

Greetings all,
     Just a quick note to follow up on our event and to thank you so very much for your support!!
     We had 87 children show up for the event this year and as always, the blankets were a huge hit!  They are so soft and comforting, I always get joy watching the ones who snuggle them as they shop around the store.
     We had 9 children who couldn't make the event so we did a home delivery of gifts, stockings and of course blankets and the remaining ones we have given to Salt Lake Police officers to put in their cars to use as a comfort for calls involving children.
     Again, I can't thank you and your volunteers enough for your continued support of the program, it is truly and greatly appreciated.
     Merry Christmas and all the best,

Again, we want to thank you all for supporting our Salt Lake County Chapter of Project Linus!  We appreciate each and every one of you and the contribution you make to provide blankets for children in a time of crisis.  Enjoy the holidays with your family and friends!  We hope to see you all in 2015!

With a blanket hug,

Kristin & Millie