Thursday, August 29, 2013

September Newsletter 2013

August 26, 2013

** Labor Day is moving our regular 1st Monday of the month blanket day ** "Make a Blanket Day” for the north VALLEY WILL be Monday September 9th... come join us at Our Saviour’s Lutheran church 3900 S. 2500 E. From 10-2.   Bring your lunch – we have a wonderful time!!

 Be sure and check out our blog -  On the blog you’ll find the current newsletter, updates on blanket donations, instructions for making fleece blankets (great for people who can’t attend Make a Blanket Days and want to make fleece blankets), and do’s and don’ts.  *** also check the blog for pictures, we try to include  few of the blankets that stand out or are completed by children *** We see so many beautiful blankets that we want to share!!  You ladies are a talented group!

                            Generous Yarn Donation from Dr. Maryann Restel

     We received an unexpected windfall this month --- 212 skeins of yarn!   There are 40 baby-soft – and several micro fiber among them.   Many are 20% washable and dryable wool with 80% acrylic so we can use them with everything except the tiny baby blankets. 
     Millie will bring a sample of each color on Make a Blanket Day September 9th so you may all check it out and let her know which colors and styles you wish to have for your crochet work. 
    Many thanks to Dr. Restel, who by-the-way, is an “artist with knitting needles”.   Her work is amazing and has won prizes in shows.   She recently closed her yarn shop in her home state -Montana .  She relocated here in Utah where she previously attended University of Utah Medical School.  We are the lucky recipients of her excess yarn inventory, and are happy to have her participating with, and making blankets for, Project Linus.   

Spotlight on   New “Crocheting” Participants
   Recently our Salt Lake County chapter has enjoyed the company of some new participants in our group of crocheting ladies.
      New to our group are: 
          Rochelle Pacheco, who likes to make baby size blankets.
          Winnie Hollenbeck, she also likes baby size blankets.
          Karen Park , who will crochet any size but leans toward larger ones. 
          Bea Keohane, who has recently given up making quilts and turned to fleece
               blanket crochet.
           Linda Good, who also volunteers at St. Marks NICU.  She was instrumental in
               the program at St. Marks to send new mothers home with a gift package
               including our Linus blankets.  
          Maryann Restel , who actually knits the baby blankets that look like crochet.

     Project Linus Blanketeers welcome all of you and we thank you for your time and interest in helping children.  

Blanketeer Spotlight #2 - Amber Anderson
Amber contacted our chapter looking for a service project for a class she was taking at Salt Lake Community College.  Amber has to be one of the most enthusiastic and energetic people I've ever met!  It was contagious!  Amber gathered her family and friends to complete her project in just a couple of weeks.  

Here's part of an email I received:
"It's Amber Anderson again!  I just wanted to touch base and let you know I'm having so much fun spending my time to donate proceeds to Project Linus!  I have held my "Blanket Brunch" and taking the Holiday into consideration I think I had a pretty good turnout of helping hands!"
We were so excited to receive Amber's beautiful cards we can use to send thank yous and all the blankets her friends and family helped with.
Thank you to you all!!  Amber, Rena, Marie, Allison, Pam, Lori, & Tammy

                                      Children’s Crisis Care Centers

An article in the Tribune this month entitled   “Crisis nurseries:  Plugging the gap in social safety net”, alerted us to the need for blankets of comfort for the children who are cared for at these sites.  There are three facilities; one in Midvale, one in Sugarhouse, and one in West Valley.   They are set up to receive babies and children up to age 8 on an emergency basis.  They accept and care for children whose parents are without immediate childcare and cannot be with the children for whatever reasons.   Our chapter will be donating 5 blankets a month to each.

We are often asked what size of blankets are needed most and that answer is all sizes!!  This month we find ourselves short on small boy (1 to 1 1/4 yard) in small boy prints.  If you out shopping, please look for toddler boy prints!  We can always use all sizes of blankets, especially medium   1 1/2 yards in prints appropriate for 8 to 10 year olds.  This size is the one we go through the most and the size we donate to Shop with a Cop in South Jordan this before Christmas.

Thank you to everyone who contributes to Project Linus in Salt Lake County.  Whether you make blankets, sew labels on, package blankets, yarn or fabric, each one of you helps to grow our chapter so we may give a little bit of love and security to a child in crisis. 

Hugs to you all,
Millie & Kristin