Monday, August 25, 2014

Newsletter - September 2014

Dear Blankeers,

Well Summer is coming to a close.  Schools are back in session and we've enjoyed some wonderful, cooler weather.  It makes me think of cooler evenings, when I can sit and crochet and all things pumpkin!  I love fall and am very excited that we are headed into that season.  I'm hoping we have cooler weather, but no snow! Thank you for including Project Linus in your summer.  I know many of you have travelled and had lots of other things going on.  We are going strong in 2014!

Our blanket day has moved a week - due to Labor day - so we hope to see you Monday, September 8th from 10:00am to 2:00pm at Our Saviours Lutheran Church, 2500 East 3900 South in Holladay.  Please join us for a great time and blanket making too!  We hope to see you there!

This month Millie suggested a Kathy Morrow update.  Kathy was our amazing coordinator that opened the Salt Lake County Chapter after moving from Wyoming.  She moved to Colorado and here's what she's been up to...

We love Grand Junction!  The people are very friendly and so many are transplants, we fit in well.  The scenery is gorgeous and there are so many outdoor activities, including hiking, biking and camping.  We spent our first winter working on insulating and sheet rocking the inside of the "car barn".  It's not quite finished because spring came and there were outside jobs to take care of.  We're learning how to control the weeds, planted lots of corn ( should be ready for harvest this week and next), beans and cherry tomatoes.  We have 2 grape vines on a pergola and with luck will have red and green grapes in about a month.  Who knew I'd like gentleman farming so much?   There is always work to do on the house and property - it was a little overgrown and needs some updating inside ( that's this winters project).

Three of our daughters, Ann Marie and her very significant other, Laura and her VSO and Kristen and James came for the Fourth of July weekend. We went to a Pioneer League ballgame, BBQ'd and had smores with lots of laughter.   We had a wonderful visit and enjoyed getting to know the young men even better.   We plan on fall trips to SLC and Dallas to see the girls.   We get to Denver every couple of months to see my Dad and sister.  Phil's sister and family live in Cortez and we've been to see them at their mountain ranch.  We take 2-3 day trips from time to time just to see the area and explore western Colorado.

I do continue to make blankets, the PL chapter here is much smaller but does the same kind of good work you do there.  I often think of all of you and hope you are well.   Each of you has a very special place in my heart!

My best to you all,

For all you Joann Fabric shoppers - you may have been advised or noticed the expiration on your non-profit discount card, they expire August 31, 2014.  Here is the link to renew for another year. 

                                                          Quilting Literature

    Am I the only one who was not aware of author Jennifer Chiaverini and her series of books/novels about quilters and quilt making? 
    You all may already know of her, but her “Thanksgiving – The Giving Quilt” actually has instructions and patterns on line for making it.  Phyllis McKininn, a quilter from Cedar City, told me about her.   Phyllis contacted her for permission to use the quilt pattern and Ms. Chiaverini said, “of course,” and that she would also like to see a picture of it when it is finished. 
    I have since read her novel “Mrs. Lincoln’s Dressmaker” and enjoyed it very much.  She has written some 20 + books that you may be interested in reading.  Among them are: The Wedding Quilt, The Union Quilters, The Quilter’s Legacy and on and on….  
     Let me know if you read one that I should check out.    


Thank you for all you do!  Have a wonderful September!


Kristin & Millie