Friday, May 22, 2015

August blanket day cancelled

Due to a scheduling conflict, we are cancelling the August blanket day.  If you have finished blankets to donate that month, please drop off at one of our donation sites (please include a note with your name and contact information) or contact Millie or Kristin.  We apologize for any inconvenience.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

June 2015 Newsletter

Dear Blanketeers,

Our next make a blanket day will be Monday, June 1st at Our Saviour's Lutheran Church, 2500 E 3900 South from 10:00am to 2:00pm.  Please join us for fellowship and making some beautiful blankets for children.

 I received a “thank you” message that I wanted to share with all the blanketeers.  A young girl named Marin Hardy called to thank us.   There was a fire in their apartment after which the fire fighters gave them our blankets wrap up in.  She was very grateful, as a wrap-up warm hug is a great comfort when people are in crisis.     I pass this “thanks” on to all of you.      Millie

                                            PROJECT SANCTUARY

      This project is a “non-profit” designed to meet the needs of military families in need of physical, spiritual, and emotional healing.  Since the whole family serves when one is in the military, this project aims to take them from battle ready to family ready. 
     The week-long retreat took place at the new Abilities Center in Park City under the direction of Missy Hyatt.  The teens participated in several kinds of events and also received our blankets.  The program is similar to the Project Good Grief (part of the TAPS program in Washington DC that we have been involved with in the past.)

 Here is a picture of them having fun with our blankets.   Missy says: “Thanks for agreeing to make these amazing blankets for our kids.”

                                      AUTUMN HILLS WARD PROJECT

      Jackie Cohen and Chris Nash who are active blanketeers and contributors to our chapter have completed a project with their LDS ward relief society.  They taught the fringed fleece technique to their ladies and completed 20 blankets, all of them beautiful and carefully done.  Thanks so much to Jackie and Chris and to the Autumn Hills women. 

     Spotlight on - Blanketeer Barbara Vogel 

      Barbara joined our chapter at blanket day about 5 years ago and has been a regular participant since then.   She has always loved handwork and sewing.  The era in which she grew up – the 50’s - all teen-age girls learned embroidery and they carefully sewed the dish- towels and pillowcases they accumulated for their “hope chests”.   She excelled at cross stitch Christmas stockings. 
     Barbara grew up in Chicago and moved to Utah in the 70’s with her husband Eddy, who was a district sales representative for W.W. Grainger in Idaho and Utah.   They raised their two daughters Colleen and Karen and sons John and Danny in Salt Lake. 
     Barbara worked at Granite School District Offices for 25 years, where she met me – (Millie.)  Since those working years we have remained great friends, sharing activities – golf - skiing – card playing – traveling  - scrapbooking – and finally crocheting Linus Blankets.  Last December she personally made 15 lovely blankets for the Head Start pre-kindergarten at Sargent Shriver Center. 

   We miss you at blanket day Barb and hope you will soon be feeling well enough to join us.  Thank you for all your great contributions to our chapter of Project Linus.  Many children are now enjoying your beautiful blankets.    

Awesome students of Copper Canyon Elementary donate $500!

Friday, May 8th, the students of Copper Canyon Elementary in the Tooele School District presented our Salt Lake County Chapter of Project Linus with a $500 check.  This money was raised through a snack bar with profits going to help children in need.  The generous donation was presented in an assembly where the student body first watched a Project Linus video filled with children wrapped in loving blankets. 
The students cheered as one of our blanketeers, Beckie Bailey, walked to the front of the assembly to receive this amazing donation.  Big cheers to Copper Canyon Elementary for their amazing gift that will touch the lives of many children through the comfort and security a handmade blanket provides.

Thank you for all you do!  We hope to see you soon!

Millie & Kristin