Tuesday, June 26, 2012

July newsletter

June 25, 2012
 Blankets delivered:    9228   

 Dear Blanketeers,
 Welcome to the new Blanketeers who have joined our chapter during the past month, we’re so glad to have you with us and hope you’ll love Project Linus as much as we do.   Be sure and let Kristin, Melissa or Millie know if you have any questions.

Be sure and check out our blog - slcprojectlinus.blogspot.com.  On the blog you’ll find the current newsletter, updates on blanket donations, instructions for making fleece blankets (great for people who can’t attend Make a Blanket Days and want to make fleece blankets), and do’s and don’ts.  *** also check the blog for pictures, we try to include  few of the blankets that stand out or are completed by children *** We see so many beautiful blankets that we want to share!!  You ladies are a talented group!

“Make a Blanket Day” for the north VALLEY WILL be Monday July 2nd... come join us at Our Saviour’s Lutheran church 3900 S. 2500 E. From 10-2.   Bring your lunch – we have a wonderful time!!

The next South Valley “Make a Blanket Day” will be tuesday july 17 at the South Jordan Library from 10:15 – 12:45.  ***notice shorter time, due to a library activity *** sorry, no food at the library.

Here is a thank you we recently received, the blankets were delivered to the downtown location of Guardian ad Litem.

Dear Quiltmakers,
My two grandsons ages 1 and 2 both received a new blanket today at the Matheson Courthouse today.  My 2 year old was thrilled and put it over himself on the drive home.  He continually talked about it and has played with it since we got home.    I watched as other children received a blanket and saw similar excitement with each of them.  Please relay my appreciation to all those who make it possible for children to receive such a thoughtful gift.

Brenda Bates

 I also received a call from a receipient at the TAPS grief camp.  He was going to email me, but I've never received any notes.  He said the blankets were so nice & the kids were so excited, he wanted us to know how much he appreciated us making them. 

Summer is upon us.  We hope everyone is enjoying warmer weather & additional time outdoors!  We've missed a few faces with travelling & other things happening this time of year, but know we'll all settle back into fall & indoor activities.  Thank you to everyone of you, each little part makes a huge difference.  We hope each  everyone of you are well and we hope to see you soon!

Thank you to everyone who contributes to Project Linus in Salt Lake County.  Whether you make blankets, sew labels on, package blankets, deliver blankets, donate funds for shipping and stamps, or donate paper, yarn or fabric, each one of you helps to grow our chapter so we may give a little bit of love and security to a child in crisis. 
Hugs to you all,
Kristin, Melissa & Millie

Friday, June 15, 2012

A Thank you

Shared by another coordinator who's chapter also sent blankets for TAPS

Dear Friends,

My family and I would like to thank all of you who participated and
donated the beautiful afghans and quilts to the TAPS attendees in
Washington, DC Memorial Day weekend. We received three beautiful pieces;
please know that we appreciate the time and efforts involved in the
handiwork. Thank you for remembering our fallen heroes in such a kind
and demonstrative manner.

May God Bless all of you!


Jimmy & Dena Lloyd

SSG Michael C. Lloyd

KIA Baghdad Iraq 8-12-2006