Sunday, September 30, 2012

October Newsletter

Sept 30, 2012
Blankets delivered:    9695    

Dear Blanketeers,
 Welcome to the new Blanketeers who have joined our chapter during the past month, we’re so glad to have you with us and hope you’ll love Project Linus as much as we do.   Be sure and let Kristin, Melissa or Millie know if you have any questions.

I hope you are able to see our newsletter on the blog.  It's been an easy way for it to be viewed & also for additional notes to be posted to the blog.  Let me know if you have any suggestions to keep our blanketeers up to date or aware of things coming up.

“Make a Blanket Day” for the north VALLEY WILL be Monday october 1st... come join us at Our Saviour’s Lutheran church 3900 S. 2500 E. From 10-2.   Bring your lunch – we have a wonderful time!!

The next South Valley “Make a Blanket Day” will be tuesday october 16th at the South Jordan Library from 10:15 – 2:00.  sorry, no food at the library.

Thank you to our blanketeers who are always there, month to month.  We are able to keep doing amazing things, because of all your hard work & dedication.  Don't ever think we've forgotten you, you are all so important & we so appreciate you!!

As we move into fall, I hope everyone is slowing down from the pace of summer & taking time to enjoy the cooler weather.  I'm loving my windows being open & the crisp mornings of fall.  I'm just crossing my fingers that the snow is not around the corner & we enjoy the fall for a few more weeks.  The needs of children are always year round, but I know for me I get more projects accomplished when it gets darker earlier in the evening & snuggle under a blanket to crochet an edge while spending the evening with my family.

Help needed!!!  We are looking for some blanketeers who are willing & able to work on denim quilts.  We received a large donation of denim and we need to make it into teen size denim quilts.  Please let me know if you are interested.  The denim needs cut into squares, sewed, backed, tied & binded.  I've received some input on different styles or ways to do denim quilts, so let me know your ideas & if you can help!!  Also, I'm in need of volunteers to help prepare blocks for a coloring book quilt day with elementary students.  We need to iron muslin, trace a coloring book picture with sharpie & iron onto freezer paper.  Let Kristin know if you can help with either of the projects above.

Donations needed!!  As part of getting our denim quilts made, we also need fabric to back the denim.  Keep an eye out for flannels that are teen appropriate.  These quilts will be made larger for our teen age group.  If you have any scraps or are able to donate larger pieces, we will make good use of the materials!!

A thank you to share....from Rebecca.  Dear Mountain Vista Church Ladies, You're awesome! Thank you so much for the beautiful blanket!  We recently became foster parents to a 4 months baby boy.  Originally we were expecting older children, so we were not prepared for a baby.  We had no baby stuff, so the baby blanket really helped us out.  Thanks again for sharing your talents and time with us.

Here are a couple of others who have mentioned us in their blogs.  

On September 13th, Melissa & I met with a group of high school students & another blanketeer Karri who helped organize the work day.  Karri's son Nick, a freshman at a private school called  Realms of Inquiry high school,  is doing his Eagle Scout project to benefit our chapter.  He's been volunteering & making blankets & doing an awesome job! Nick gathered students from his high school for a few hours of service.  We labeled, packaged & made blankets.  We also started to cut up jeans into usable pieces for our denim quilts.  We are happy to get a few teens involved & helping with Project Linus!

Thank you to everyone who contributes to Project Linus in Salt Lake County.  Whether you make blankets, sew labels on, package blankets, deliver blankets, donate funds for shipping and stamps, or donate paper, yarn or fabric, each one of you helps to grow our chapter so we may give a little bit of love and security to a child in crisis.  

Hugs to you all,
Kristin, Melissa & Millie

Kristin cell 801-386-5917