Sunday, October 28, 2012

November newsletter

October 29, 2012                                    Blankets delivered: 9804    

Dear Blanketeers,
 Welcome to the new Blanketeers who have joined our chapter during the past month, we’re so glad to have you with us and hope you’ll love Project Linus as much as we do.   Be sure and let Kristin, Melissa or Millie know if you have any questions.

Be sure and check out our blog -  On the blog you’ll find the current newsletter, updates on blanket donations, instructions for making fleece blankets (great for people who can’t attend Make a Blanket Days and want to make fleece blankets), and do’s and don’ts.  *** also check the blog for pictures, we try to include  few of the blankets that stand out or are completed by children *** We see so many beautiful blankets that we want to share!!  You ladies are a talented group!

“Make a Blanket Day” for the north VALLEY WILL be Monday november 5th... come join us at Our Saviour’s Lutheran church 3900 S. 2500 E. From 10-2.   Bring your lunch – we have a wonderful time!!

The next South Valley “Make a Blanket Day” will be tuesday november 13th at the South Jordan Library from 10:15 – 2:00***notice this is a week earlier than normal, due to the thanksgiving holiday *** sorry, no food at the library.

We have a new drop off location!!  Millie contacted Hancock Fabrics located at 700 East and 3300 South.  We have a box in the store, so if you are unable to make it to a blanket day and have a finished blanket (or would like to donate materials, like no-sew fleece), this is another location to leave it for us to pick up.  Please place any donation in a bag with a note including your name, contact phone, e mail or mailing address so we know who to acknowledge.  Also, if you shop Hancock Fabrics for PL supplies, ask them for a teacher discount card & show them you Project Linus volunteer card.  This provides an additional 15% discount off sale prices for your materials you donate.  Please only use them on materials you are donating.  They are kindly offering this for help in the cost of materials to benefit Project Linus.  Thank you for your support!

It's been a busy month, with lots of blankets being made.  Kristin, Kathy, Millie & Millie's friend Linda enjoyed working with the student of Rowland Hall, for their half day of service.  It was a great, enthusiastic group!  The students all bring a piece or  two of fleece & any fabric not finished, they send with us as a materials donation.  Rowland Hall donated 43 finished blankets & 26 pieces of fleece!  I have posted a couple of pictures on the blog.  I really loved their t shirts which were printed with "WE MAKE A LIVING BY WHAT WE DO, BUT WE MAKE A LIFE BY WHAT WE GIVE," Sir Winston Churchill

Our other big project currently underway are the blankets being made for South Jordan's Shop with a Cop.  Last year we provided medium size blankets to at least 100 deserving children in their program.  These children have had some contact with law enforcement, sometimes not always positive.  This program allows them to have a good experience & some fun with the police officers.  We are in process of fulfilling the request for 110 blankets & we were ecstatic that all supplies were purchased by the Shop with a Cop program!  We are the blanket makers for this project & that is the best part.  Thank you to all the loving blanketeers making this project possible!  I'm hoping all blankets are completed by Thanksgiving.  Please turn in all blankets to Kristin. 

I don't know about you, but I'm ready for fall to come back!    Unfortunately I've lived here long enough to know that's not now that it's chilly I won't  feel like I need to do yard work, but I'm ready to settle in with my steamy mug to keep warm & crochet or stitch.  I have several unfinished projects that are requiring my attention, now I need to get organized! 

I want to send an extra thank you to one of our drop off locations, the Cotton Shop.  They recently were a part of a Quilting event & were demonstrating a new machine which stitches a fun edge on fleece blankets.  When participants played with & learned to use the machine they stitched several blankets that were donated to us!  They are fun & beautiful solid colored blankets with a rainbow stitched edge.  We appreciate the Cotton Shop's foresight to make blankets out of the practice materials and to hand out our cards & include our poster at their event. 

As we approach the holiday season (I'm not ready to see Christmas trees & decorations in the store, but no one asked me!)  Please keep Project Linus in mind.  Do not feel obligated to do more than you want, and there is no way we could function without all the blanketeers who are dedicated and blanket make with us every month.  Your regular and continued support is what keeps our chapter functioning.  I know lots of charities send out notices & ask for donations during this time of the year.  When you think of your favorite charity, think of our Salt Lake County chapter of Project Linus!  There are a handful of things we need to purchase to take care of the little things.  Things like blanket labels, blanket tags, printer ink, cardstock & paper, stamps, cutting blades, masking tape & new scissors.  All of us use lots of our personal items, but for work days we have to restock our supply boxes through the year.  Cash donations are greatly appreciated for these types of items.

Thank you to everyone who contributes to Project Linus in Salt Lake County.  Whether you make blankets, sew labels on, package blankets, yarn or fabric, each one of you helps to grow our chapter so we may give a little bit of love and security to a child in crisis. 
Hugs to you all,
Kristin, Melissa & Millie

Rowland Hall 2012 Half day of Service

thank you to all the students who participated, it was a great afternoon!

dedicated, to the very end!!