Saturday, January 31, 2015

February 2015 newsletter

  Dear Blanketeers,

We have some statistics we'd like to share with you for 2014.  We distributed a total of 1874 blankets to children in Salt Lake County!  Isn't that wonderful?  This brings our total blanket distribution from the beginning of our chapter to over 13,600!  Thank you to everyone who donates their time, materials, supplies. chapter funds (yes, we need donations of cash too!), mileage (Denna,  Millie  & Kristin making deliveries and picking up drop offs) and Our Saviour's Lutheran Church for the use of your building each month!  We really appreciate those of you who organize your blanket events and bring us stacks of beautiful blankets!  Every one of you makes a difference and contributes to what we can do for children in Salt Lake County!

Our February blanket workday will be held Monday, February 9th from 10:00am to 2:00pm at Our Saviour's Lutheran Church, 2500 East 3900 South, Holladay.  In March we will be back on schedule meeting the first Monday of the month.

There are so many people out there that appreciate the work that all of our blanketeers do.

     1.   A “thank you” note from the nurses at St. Mark’s NICU

         ‘We would like to thank you and the members of the Linus Project who make blankets for our tiny patients to take home.  It means so much to these families to take home their baby in one of your beautiful hand made blankets.  You are all angels!”

     2.   From Sargent Shriver Head Start
          “ Our three year olds and their moms and dads were so tickled with the wonderful blankets you sent for their Christmas gifts. “   One of our moms said how fun it was for her son to pick the blanket he wanted.  Please thank your ladies who sew such little treasures.    Miss Kelley, pre school teacher 

     3.   From Refugee Services
          “Dear Project Linus Ladies,
             It is hard to imagine the distress that our clients are under when they arrive in the USA from whatever hostile situation they are fleeing.    Greeting the children with a warm colorful blanket of their very own means a lot to a child who has nothing.  Thank you Project Linus.  Our case-workers are very pleased to distribute these blankets to children. Thanks very much.”
                 Danielle Rodriguez 

 4. Hello!  My name is Rudy and we had an adorable little girl yesterday and when we got to our room there was a beautiful blanket for our baby Aurora waiting for her.  The blanket was made by Mary and we absolutely love it and we are extremely appreciative of the small things in life such as a blanket like this given to us.  Thank you for your time and support and it's awesome that there are projects like Project Linus out there doing great things.  Again, thank you all!

American Express employees

Once again the employees of American Express scheduled a couple of meetings to make some bright, colorful and fun blankets for our chapter.  It was really fun to pull up in front of their building and see a cart stacked with blankets!

p.s. they didn't all fit in the back of my car!  Thank you employees of American Express!

Congregation Kol Ami 

     Again this year the Mitzvah day at Kol Ami produced lovely fringed fleece blankets for Project Linus - 23 of them!   Thanks to Nicole Fenwick for all the shopping, and preparation of the fabric that she did in advance to make this day of service a great success.  We at Project Linus appreciate the generous donation and the beautiful work.   

Mr. Lingen's 3rd grade class - Highland Park Elementary

Webelos Troops 3305 & 3505


                                             Blanket Making Reminders

Remember, when you are making fleece blankets, pick a fabric pattern suitable to the size of the blanket and the intended child recipient. 
                           Baby & NICU 
                                        Baby patterns & soft yarn ---these 1 yard square approx.

                           Child Small
                                        Child patterns --- these are 1 & ¼ yards
                           School Age Medium 
                                        General patterns --– these are l &1/2 yards
                           Teen Age   
                                        No baby print patterns --- these are 2 yards

           We don't recommend making fleece blankets less than 1 1/2 yards to fringe.  If you want to make smaller fleece blankets, it is best to crochet the edges and trim the width.   A blanket that is only 1 yard of fleece, is too wide and makes a long, narrow blankets.  We also love quilts and crocheted/knitted blankets in all sizes listed above as well.

Please email Kristin at if you would like a receipt for items or material donated in 2014.   Include your full name and address for the receipt.

We look forward to seeing you all next week!

Kristin & Millie
Salt Lake County
Project Linus

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Blanket Day - Monday February 9th

North Valley blanket  day will be held the second Monday in February on Monday the 9th from 10:00am to 2:00 pm.  Please join us at Our Saviour's Lutheran Church 2500 E 3900 S, Holladay, UT.  We hope to see you there!