Saturday, July 25, 2015

August newsletter

  August Break

As you know we are taking a break for our usual first Monday of the month for August.  Please keep in mind that the needs continues even though we do not meet together . **Remember you can drop off any finished blankets off at Our Saviour's Lutheran Church** or any other drop off spot listed on our blog.  Please include your name and contact information with your blanket donation.    Blankets received the first week of August will be labeled and distributed, even though we won’t be working as a group.  


Our next meeting is scheduled for Monday, August 31st from 10am to 2pm at Our Saviour's Lutheran Church (this will count as our September work day).  


Spotlight On Blanketeer Doris Long

  Doris has been attending our north valley blanket day for over three years.  She met another Blanketeer, Carol Holmes, at a meeting of the “Scarlet O’Hara” chapter of the Red Hat Ladies.  Carol told her about what Project Linus does for children and Doris immediately became involved.

She was raised in Wisconsin and earned her RN degree there.  But says she once drove thru Salt Lake on a trip home from California and always wanted to revisit or even live in Salt Lake.  Later on when she married Cecil Long, he was transferred in 1974 to SLC thru his work with the VA system - and here she is still.  She spent her career in nursing at the University Medical Center as a patient care nurse and retired in 1995. 

     When Cecil retired they began spending their winters in Apache Junction, Arizona.  But now she has decided to discontinue her “snowbird retreats” to warmer climates and stay in SLC where two of her three daughters live. 

    Her skill in crochet was learned from her grandmother and she learned to knit when she was in nursing school – (but she can’t remember who taught her.)  Doris has traveled far and wide and she loves to walk, (though she used to be a hiker.)   We are so happy to have Doris at our blanket days.  Thank you Doris for your wonderful blankets.


Our Blankets for NICU Babies

      On my recent delivery to the NICU at Pioneer Valley Hospital, I was invited by the nurses to visit the newest little ones in their care.   Among them was a little girl weighing 3 pounds!  She was thriving beautifully with only a feeding tube thru her nose.  She was completely separate from the atmosphere and contained in her own “condo”.  The “isolette” even had a cloth cover over it to protect her from the light.  She will remain there till she is 4 pounds and can progress to the next level of care.

     The nurses tell me that our blankets are a beautiful gift to moms and dads who appreciate them so much.  They told me that they had a baby last week who was picked up to go home by his parents, and the only thing they had in which to bring him home, was one of our beautiful blankets and an undershirt that the nurses had to give them. 

     Often the parents of these fragile babies haven’t much at all.  It makes my heart swell to know that our blankets are welcomed and appreciated deeply.  Thank you blanketeers for your work and service.     Millie 

Supporting our military....

 Thank you blanketeers for all you do!  We appreciate you attending our blanket days and dropping off any finished blankets the first week of August.  We can continue to do amazing things, and comfort a child in a time of crisis with a blanket hug.

We hope to see you soon!

Millie & Kristin

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