Tuesday, October 20, 2015

November 2015 newsletter

South valley blanket day has moved up a week, to this Friday October 23rd from 9:30am to noon at the Riverton Senior center

 North valley blanket day - Monday, November 2nd from 10:00am to 2:00pm in Holladay

Welcome fall!  Football, cooler weather, falling leaves, more time for blankets!  I love sitting in the evening with a blanket draped across my lap crocheting.  It's all part of fall!

We've had a very busy month!  Thank you all and keep up the great work!

Blanketeer spotlight - Jean Peterson 

Jean has been a supporter of our chapter since it's beginning.  She answered an ad in the newspaper to learn from the Provo Chapter that Kathy was just starting a chapter in Salt Lake County.  We are so glad Jean called that ad!  If any of you sew, you'll know the time and dedication required for Jean's beautiful quilts.  Some of the blocks are even hand stitched before she sews them together, ties and binds them.  Kristin & Jean connect for pick up or drop off when she has a stack ready to deliver.  If I stop by her house I'm greeted by her cute dog, barking out of excitement to have a visitor!   Jean wasn't happy I requested a picture, but she was a great sport!  Thank you Jean for your contribution to our chapter.  Your blankets are beautiful and I know they are  loved and appreciated by the children who receive them!

Rowland Hall Upper School - 1/2 day of service

It is just amazing to again spend the day with the outstanding student volunteers at Rowland Hall Upper School.   Project Linus has been a part of their annual service day volunteering for 5 years.  This year there were 35 students participating and together they finished 51 blankets – most of them medium and large.   The fabric we were not able to finish was also donated. 

They are an outstanding group of students.  They take instruction with
focus; they work hard to make the blankets perfect; and they cleaned up
the work area when we were finished.   Then they formed a line and
carried arm-loads of blankets and equipment to my car. 
Rowland Hall has become an important part of our chapter's distribution and
the students are very willing to donate and volunteer.

Herriman Hills Ward

     We are so fortunate to have young women’s groups and local relief
 societies who produce events in blanket making to benefit Project Linus and the children we serve. 
     Herriman Hills Ward under the direction of Relief Society President, Esther Bickam and assistant Laura Anderson (pictured right) produced such an event in October.  Their message to the women and girls at that
event was that service to others is an important part of their lives and also a very rewarding part. 
    The week before their event, some ladies volunteered with Kristin to square material in preparation for their blanket making project.   

The next week their group gathered and in one evening they learned to make no-sew fringed blankets and completed 34 blankets – every one of which was perfectly made. 
An extra shout out of Thanks to fellow blanketeer Beckie Bailey for her assistance in Herriman that evening.

A special donation, knitted with love by Sandy


A special Thank you

I just wanted to say thank you!  My 2 year old daughter received one of your blankets at a Yellow Ribbon event last week in preparation for my husbands upcoming deployment.  She LOVES it and sleeps with it every night.  She tells everyone that it is her special blanket for when daddy goes far far away.  We are so grateful for the comfort it will bring! 
Thank you for what you do.  It is so appreciated!  Lyndsey

Keep up the amazing work!  Every contribution, every donation matters to a child.

Thank you!
Millie & Kristin

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