Sunday, August 14, 2016

September Newsletter 2016

Looking forward to….  

If it seems like a short time between blanket-making days, that’s because it is!  Our September day is happening two days before September.  Join us on August 29th, and then not again till October 3rd.  
Hope your Labor Day celebration is a fun one. 

This past month we have received a wonderful in-kind donation of cotton quilting fabric and flannel for receiving blankets.  Thanks to LuAnn Greenwood for looking up Project Linus and getting the fabric to us.  We have been able to share the windfall with Square Corner Quilters as well as with others who sew and contribute to PL children.  

        We provide security blankets for babies:  Here is a “thank you” received from a new mom:

We received a Linus Blanket with the arrival of our daughter this past week and I hope that our heartfelt thanks will reach the women who made it.  We delivered at Pioneer Valley.  The note says it was made by “Lanette.”  She did such beautiful work.  Please thank her for me, and also thank you for this beautiful program.  We’re already putting the blanket to good use, as you can see in the picture.   Kenzee”

 We also provide blanket hugs for teens:  Here is a “thank you” from SLC Youth Services – for our donation to teens living in group homes: 

Thank you for your generous donation!  Together, we are working to make a difference in the lives of abused, neglected and at-risk youth.”

If you are wondering what size blankets to make this month – 
THINK BABIES!    We are in short supply for the NICU’s and hospitals. 

Thanks Blanketeers for all you do – whether it’s shopping, sewing, cutting fabric, delivering, labeling, fund raising, etc. it all counts for kids.



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