Saturday, March 25, 2017

April 2017 Newsletter

Well -  here we are in April, still waiting for those sunny days and getting only April showers.  Hopefully they will bring on the flowers very soon.

March has been a very busy month with many regular and new volunteers contributing.  Our project is thriving.  We have been able to provide many blankets to children in need of a blanket hug.

This is a picture of Faith May, who is 6 years old.  She received a Linus blanket after her most recent of several brain tumor surgeries.  Though she will be blind in one eye from the trauma, she came thru this serious situation and does not have cancer.   

She loved her Linus comfort blanket and she wanted her two young sisters to also receive security blankets.  We were happy to oblige.  Her mom reported they all love their blankets and we love hearing their good news. 

A Special thanks to Marsha Clark of West Valley City for her volunteer service to our chapter.  Last month Marsha offered to hemstitch 24 sets of double flannel receiving blankets as well as the burps and bibs that match them.  The flannel sets were donated a year or so ago, but we did not have the money to hire the hem stitching on them as it is quite expensive. 

     In case you don’t know why the hemstitch is important, here is a picture of it.  After the hemstitch is done – then the edges can be crocheted.  We have two blanketeers in our chapter who do this kind of work - Barbara Bray and Linda Good.   The pictures here show the stitch and the finished product - (handwork completed by Barbara Bray.)  Margaret Schleidt and Patsy Bueno have both expressed an interest in learning to do these beautiful receiving blankets.

Welcome to two new blanketeers -  Marie Jex of Draper, and Rosie Parker of Heber City.  Rosie crochets edges on fleece blankets, and both volunteers are helping with labeling, packaging, and delivering.  

Jean Peterson of West Valley City has been a quilt maker for Project Linus since Kathy Morrow founded the Salt Lake County Chapter.  She has again this month contributed 22 hand made, hand stitched fabulous quilts!  Thank you Jean for your continued support and volunteerism. 

Looking forward to seeing everyone on April 3rd at Our Saviour's Lutheran Church 10:00 to 2:00.
Remember you can also join Lynn and Edrie at the Riverton Senior Center on the forth Friday of every month from 9:30 to noon.    
                 Hugs to you all,    Millie  

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