Monday, June 26, 2017

July 2017 Newsletter


Business is moving right along thru the summer even though we are all taking some time off for vacation.   Deliveries for end of June are at 211- You are an awesome group!   


     Joyce Rolf and WenDee Maple are the owners of this charity that serves teen moms who are in need of education in child care and newborn care.  These moms are also given a layette of new items that their babies will need when they are welcomed into this world. 

     Our PL chapter is now contributing baby blankets to Joyfull Welcome.  We are happy to be a part of this (all volunteer) team as they offer support to teen moms and newborns.  


    Most people think of USANA as the company whose name is over the entry of the open-air theatre in West Valley.   But, there is also a USANA location in Tooele at Miller Motorsports Park, where the call center is located.  It is full of employees who care about their communities as well as their customers. 
   These employees support a variety of charity projects and donate time and money to those in need.  Directed by Gail Kaletta, they now have made fleece blankets to donate to our chapter of PL for us to deliver to children.  Thanks USANA employees.

Mountain Vista United Methodist Church
     MVUMC has been donating beautiful hand made quilts to PL for a number of years.  This year the quilters reached a milestone and celebrated achieving their goal of making 1000 quilts.  Actually it was 1030!  
     Jean Ann Nohavec is the coordinator of this quilt group and she has the complete support of Rev. Olga Hard as well as office manager, Raedell Elizondo. These quilters meet every Wednesday at noon and work for several hours.  
    This picture shows the “blessing of the blankets” which was a highlight of their celebration.  We also celebrate their devotion to volunteerism and to children in need of a blanket hug. 

Hope to see you all on August 7th.     Millie

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