Monday, October 30, 2017

Newsletter November 2017

       Looking forward to a time to pause and give thanks.  

                  November blanket days are scheduled at:
       Our Saviour’s Lutheran Church on Monday November 6th 10:00 am. 
       Riverton Senior Center Monday 9:30 am. November 20th (so not to conflict with Thanksgiving weekend).

  Something New? – A Quilt-Bee Quilt
Have you heard of this - an “online quilt bee”?   Apparently the organizer solicits participants who then send their quilt blocks to her in the mail.  They communicate by email.  So the quilt has many participants on a color scheme and design.  Usually they run for 12 months and 12 people each have a month to make their quilts.  There are several variations of how this could work.   This beautiful quilt is “seeing stars” by Imagine Circle.

Knitting circles are also still popular.  They allow time for visiting, for exchanging ideas, and for making friends with people who sit together and work together.  The social and sharing part of knitting circles keeps them viable. 
      It may be much cheaper to buy at Walmart – but where is the Love?


A New October Project
   Blanketeer, Beckie Bailey, (who put our blanket pattern on the blogspot) has been busy this month directing a group of volunteers in the skill of making Linus blankets.   Their blankets ranged from fleece fringe to crochet edges as you see in this picture.  Thanks for your service Michelle Lunt and Cari Vassel and all their helpers. 

Our Goals as PL Blanketeers
    In our fast-paced society it is easy to get caught up in the idea that bigger is always better.  Our chapter  has grown – but at this time we are doing as much as any one chapter can do and do well.  Our focus has always been quality not quantity.
     The blankets that you blanketeers hand-make are special gifts for children in crisis.  Each one is made carefully and skillfully so that the child who receives it would want it as a keepsake even after the cuddle days are over. 
     I just wanted to remind you all that we do -what we do -because we love the process of creating original gifts -quilts, crochets, etc.    
      That’s where the love is. 
Thanks to all you blanketeers for your continued work of love. 


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