Wednesday, February 24, 2021

A Fun National PL project

 Dear Blanketers,

       Our Headquarters Office has a project that I thought some of you might want to participate in.

             Called Knit and Crochet Along

                REGISTRATION OPENS 

          SATURDAY FEBRUARY 27, 202

                 REGISTRATION LINK:    Beginning Feb 27th

Downloadable pattern instructions will be divided into

8 sections to create either a knit or crochet child-sized afghan.

Sections will be revealed each week for 8 weeks

Beginning Saturday March 13, 2021


        $15.00 donation to Project Linus

for either the crocheted or knitted pattern.



          Happy Stitching,     Millie




Friday, February 12, 2021


February 2021  

Dear Hard-Working Blanketeers,


     Working at home has been very successful for our Chapter, thanks to all of you.  You are an amazing group of volunteers and the hand work you produce is outstanding and wonderful quality.


          Elaine Erikson made a large donation of yarn last month so if you need any colors let me know and I will get them to you.  Remember to let me know when you need fabric to work on and I will get it to you and pick up your finished blankets from outside your house.  

It seems like I need to get some information to those people who read this blog looking for a way to make blankets that we can distribute.  


         We are open to donations to buy supplies and fabric.  If you feel you cannot make the acceptable blanket, feel free to donate the piece of fleece and our volunteers will make it.  


                                                New Readers to This Blog


     l. The blankets we distribute are new, hand-made, quality made, safe and clean and child friendly patterns and fabric. 

     2. We accept quilts, receiving blankets and knit and crochet.

     3. The knit and crochet baby blankets cannot be distributed if the pattern is too open.  It must be close knit so that there are no holes big enough for little fingers to be caught in them.  

We have found that older children do not prefer afghans.  

     4. We do not distribute fleece blankets that have knots tied around the edges (or tied double fleece blankets.) 

     5. We do accept fleece blankets with crochet around the edges.

     6. We do accept fleece fringe blankets made by our pattern which is found right here on this blogsite.  It is a pattern that must be specific

            straight edges, 

            selvage edges removed from both sides, 

            3 inch long & 1& ¼” wide fringes, 

            tiny, tiny, tiny, holes punched for the fringe to be threaded back through

             Should be 1/8” as you cut and when you open it will be ¼”.  

            That is the largest the holes can be.  

            Below is a picture of the fringe fleece we use.  Also below is a picture of a blanket that     will not be distributed to a child.  


Not acceptable holes and fringe:


Acceptable size holes and fringe



Here is a picture of the top side of the blanket and the pattern you get if you follow the directions specifically.  Thanks for reading these instructions.




     We really want you to find joy and satisfaction in making security blankets for kids who are in need or who are ill and need comfort.  It is a very satisfying and rewarding activity.  We who distribute your blankets take extreme pleasure in handing beautifully made gifts to children.   

Looking forward to meeting together again soon.  Wishing you all good health.



Millie and Patsy

Sunday, December 27, 2020

January 2021 Newsletter

January 2021 Newsletter

Dear Blanketeers, 


Wishing everyone good health, happiness, and return of old- fashioned social interaction.


    The last time we met as a group to make blankets was January 2020.  Our plan to meet in February was canceled by a huge snow-storm and from March to December you already know that story – the pandemic!  

     However, when there is a will there is a way.  The biggest part of our mission is to make and distribute security blankets to children in need of comfort.  Though we have missed the sharing, socializing, working together in groups for this entire past year, we have continued to carry on with the most important part of our mission.  We have adapted, donated, produced amazing blankets, and made deliveries to hundreds of children in need.


     Our Statistics for the year – 2643 comfort blankets - delivered to children of the county.


     Since our Salt Lake County chapter was founded by Kathy Marrow, in consort with Our Saviour’s Lutheran Church - a grand total of 27,966 blankets have been distributed.  


      Kristin Vance continued in the position of Coordinator when Kathy moved out of state.  Then the baton was passed to me – Millie - and with the capable assistance of Patsy Bueno we have kept moving on.  The challenge of this past year has involved individual and virtual communication with blanketeers.   Like all of you, we have learned to adapt to our challenges.



        “Pay It Forward”  - The new name for the police project - “Shop With A Cop"

        This picture is Officer Dustin Parks as he picks up the blankets that will be given to children.  The usual event involved officers picking up children, driving them to breakfast, taking them shopping at Walmart.  At that event they also received a Linus blanket.  

     In the face of “the virus”, the Unified Police had to find a new way to forge positive connections with children.  They contacted designated families, got a list of what the children wanted for Christmas, and then Walmart accumulated a package for each child (which included one of our blankets.)    Then on the 20th of December, the cars drove through the parking lot, and the officers gave the gift packages.  

     We are so proud to be able to support this project again this year.

                                        Blanket Requirements


       This article may seem like “preaching to the choir” as all of you who subscribe to this blog already know the expectations for our blankets.  However, now this blog is listed through the national office at and shows it as a “web site.”  Therefore, people see who we are and begin to make blankets to contribute without contacting us first to find out what we require and what we need.  This often results in time wasted and products we cannot distribute.  

       For example – we distribute no fleece blankets with knots around the edges.  We also need tightly crocheted baby blankets to be done with no large spaces in which babies could get fingers caught.   

     If you are a person reading this message and you want to participate we welcome you.  However, please call or email in advance to  or call Millie at 801-656-9229 or Patsy at 435-630-4110.   


Happy 2021,     Millie and Patsy 

Saturday, November 21, 2020

PL News - Thanksgiving and Christmas 2020

Hello Blanketeers
    Obviously I am a little late on the monthly communication - actually missed November altogether! I am writing you just in time to say Happy Thanksgiving.  And, of course to let you know how much we appreciate your amazing dedication to the project of making and giving security blankets to children.  

     The month of November has been very busy.  Patsy and I have been dropping off supplies to your homes and have been picking up finished blankets from front porches and drop sites. You all have contributed huge numbers of blankets and we were able to deliver to kids -318 so far.
                             Kearns Elementary School Project


Here pictured are Kyndal, Katelan and Madeleine as they are picking up the van load of blankets for the children's project they are planning for every student in their elementary school.  I backed off 6 feet and they took off their masks for the picture.  

Note of Appreciation 

     I received a lovely thank-you note and picture from Karen Pendleton that I wanted to share with you. She received a blanket for her baby and she says:       

    "We were in the hospital longer than expected and the warm blanket Margaret made kept our little guy warm day after day  We are grateful; it's such a beautiful blanket. Thanks you for taking the time; it will be treasured as the blanket from a loving friend" 

                     And Now About Christmas:

    Our usual Christmas celebration and luncheon would ordinarily have been enjoyed own December 7th the first Monday in December.   But...not this year.  Our Saviour's Lutheran Church where we have always  met each month, is still closed.  Also most of us are still staying home and not gathering in groups at the present time.  For most of us it will be the quietest and smallest Christmas celebration in our histories.  

     I urge you to send your Christmas messages to one another.  We all look forward to being able to gather again soon.  In the meantime stay safe, and know that you are appreciated and loved.  

     December is the "month of giving" and our National Headquarters has asked chapters to communicate their need for donations.  You can contact me if you wish to donate.  

   Hugs and good wishes,    Millie and Patsy


Tuesday, October 13, 2020

  October Project Linus News 

Dear Blanketeers, 

      Thanks always for your continuing work

            It seems that volunteers never forget their selfless devotion to children in need, even when times are challenging for us all. 

             Our sincere thanks to all of you who continue to work and produce beautiful hand-made blankets for children.  There are so many of you out there continuing the work.   

And, surprising enough, many have come forward to participate who are anxious to become active in our project. We have many new contributors who have reached us by email and phone.  Patsy and I have sent instructions and patterns and have picked up their blankets at drop off sites.  

            Also, thanks to those of you who contribute money, label, package and deliver blankets.

Special Thanks to Barbara Brae, long time participating blanketeer, for the very generous donation she arranged for, from her employer – Yardi Systems. 


            Maybe you need a new T Shirt

      You can order Project Linus T-shirts, women’s style as well as men’s.  The link is here if you want to see them and/order them.  There is also a polo jacket available.    


                                        Letters of Thanks

Received a touching letter from Susi who mailed two beautiful crocheted baby blankets from Texas.  She says:  

      “Please accept these in memory of my mother and my sister.  I hope the Children 

       and families who receive these enjoy them for many years to come.”


Looking forward to Fall weather

Hugs to all,  Millie and Patsy 

Monday, August 17, 2020

August Newsletter 2020


Hello Blanketeers,


    Apologies for not getting in touch with all of you earlier in the month by blog.  Just want to assure you that the work is going on.  Blankets are coming in from many of you who are staying home and using that home time to sew.  Wonderful blankets have been submitted over the past month.  Patsy and I have been able to keep up our distribution at the same level as before corona virus trapped us all.  We simply have a new way of functioning.

    We have been happy to pick up from the porches of blanket makers to collect the amazing blankets they have been creating.  They have been labeled, packaged, and delivered to children all over the Wasatch front.  


     For example, the Children’s Justice Center in West Jordan has received blankets and has  been especially appreciative in recognizing your work on their face book page.  Your blankets are given to the children who experience the traumatic forensic examinations.  The comfort of the security blanket at this stressful time in their lives is especially important.  A picture from their face book page here: 


Maybe you were close to the accidental plane crash into a house in West Jordan.  We were asked by the coordinator in Virginia to be sure that the 3-year old boy (Cody) who survived that crash would get a blanket.  That was done and I hope it gives him some comfort as he recovers from the burns he sustained.   


We are looking forward to seeing all of you sometime soon and meeting together soon.  Missing our fun days chatting, looking over each other’s work, and generally socializing.  Sometime soon we hope.  In the meantime, keep up the important work.  Rest assured that our mission is still successful, and we are all devoted to helping kids cope by making sure they have a security blanket to cuddle with. 

Hugs,  Millie and Patsy

Thursday, July 2, 2020

July 2020 Newsletter Project Linus 

Hello Blanketeers,
    Wishing you all good health and patience to deal with our new way of living safely.  Nobody wants to be sick!  
                                                The New Protocol For Quilting
     If you want to do something bad enough you can surely find a way to make it happen.  That’s what I have learned about quilters.  Usually part of quilting guilds is to spend time sewing together in close proximity.  Obviously, they can’t do that at this time of pandemic.  So, here is what “Sweet Charity Sisters”, who donate to Project Linus, have worked out.

    They gather in sets of 10 on a given day at a large home. Then they are sent to separate quilt frames that are set in separate locations.  Two go to the deck, two go to the lawn, two go to the family room, and two go to the front room, and two work in the basement area.  Of course - they all wear masks and wash hands regularly.  Usually they would have lunch together, but have had to give that part up.  I will be picking up their second batch of quilts next week. Thank you Claudeen Luckart and Sharon Allred and all your quilters.  

                                     Service Projects for Kids
     When school is out and recreation sites are in limited safe access, it is difficult to keep children occupied.   Jackie Cohen, who is one of our regular and active blanketeers, had a great idea.  She had them make blankets.   Last week her daughter, Michele, was in town with her two foster children.  She wanted to impress the lesson of doing service for children who are less fortunate, ill, or in need of a security blanket.  And also, Antonisha who is 7 and Anthony who is 6 needed to have a fun project.  And don’t they look like they are having fun?!   

                                    Business as Usual  
     Thanks to all of you blanketeers for finding ways to continue to make blankets and send them through Project Linus.  In June we received 217 blankets in and distributed 216.  We are so proud of all of you for your continued effort. 

Stay safe, 

Millie and Patsy