Saturday, November 25, 2023

Nov/Dec Newsletter

  November 25, 2023      

Hello Blanketeers 

                    Where We Are and What’s Next       

     Wow! Year 2023 is flying by!  Already we are planning our   Christmas deliveries to kids - starting right after our December 4th Blanket Making Day.  

     Put it on your calendar and please plan to come see everyone on blanket making day – the first Monday in December – that’s the 4th. We will work on blankets from 10:00 to 12:00 and then pause for our annual sharing of a Christmas lunch.  

     Since we will be planning for food - it would be great to know if you are planning to attend.  Thanks for a heads up. 


                  Blanket Making Days for 2024


     Karen Heaton and I sponsor the Millcreek one at OSLC, and our meeting days are listed here:  

January 8, February 5, March 4, April 8, May 6, June 3, July 8, August 5, September 9, October 7, November 4, December 2. 


     Jackie Cohen and Chris Nash sponsor the Riverton blanket making day.  Their meeting days have been the third Wednesday.  This year they may have a change of date – to be announced.  

     You are welcome at either or both days. Sometimes these dates are flexible depending on other events or holidays. 


                      Quilts Donated by “Megs & Me”

     Meagan Taylor and her mom Kristi Castagno started in 2010 designing quilt patterns.  They say that making designer quilts, “mostly was an excuse to spend more time together.”  They love applique and embroidery quilts.  They found Project Linus and were happy to support our great cause.  They donated 33 beautifully done baby and small quilts for us to give to babies. We are so happy to be able to give these beautifully made quilts to kids.  Thanks Megs and Mom.


         Stretching to Reach the Many Needy Children   

     Thanks for your diligent devotion to kids who need a blanket hug. We project that when we finish delivering in December, we will be over 2500 blankets out to kids.  This only happens because of your work and contributions.  You are all to be congratulated.  

                           Where Do Our Blankets Go?

     They are delivered anywhere a child is in crisis or in need.  Here are some of the places we regularly deliver for these children. 

                  St Marks NICU

                  Alta View New Borne

                  Riverton Hospital 

                  Guardian ad Litem

                  Children’s Justice Center

                  Family Road Home

                  Refugee Services   

                  Hearts Knit Together

                  DDI Vantage Program

                  Joyful Welcome

                  Military Families

                  Disaster Relief

                  Royal Family Kids

                  Individual Kids in Crisis

                  Disaster victims 

                  Emergency and Police

                  And maybe others when a need arises.   

Your giving, and your work for these kids is important, appreciated and needed.  


         Sending you all wishes for a wonderful December. Happy Christmas,

Millie and Karen



Tuesday, October 24, 2023

October Newsletter 2023

 Hello Blanketeers,

                ANSWERING THE CALL

      Our thanks and appreciation to all of you for your excellent response to our need for more blankets last month. We are trying to add more to our distribution – to include Riverton Hospital as well as Children’s Justice Center in Riverton.  

     Our Riverton group, under Jackie Cohen’s direction, organized an additional blanket making day at Mountain Vista Church.  The plan was to create as many fringe fleece blankets as possible to make in one afternoon.  They were assisted by the quilters of MVMC and together gave our project a huge boost.  

      In addition to the fringed fleece created, the MVMC quilters donated a large number of quilts.  All of this made it a successful month.        

See you at the MVMC Boutique:

                   Blanket Days      

 Our next blanket day at Our Saviour’s Lutheran Church – November 6th, 2500 East 3900 South 10:00 am to 1:00 pm.  Fabric will be provided for you to work on, thanks to Walmart Stores for their grant to our chapter.  

            Christmas is Coming 

Mark your calendars for our annual Christmas luncheon on our blanket making day December 4th.  We will have food and fun planned.  

        Smith’s Inspiring Donations. 

     At this time we have only five families who have attached their rewards card numbers to benefit Project Linus.  If you are not attached to another charity – lets sign you up.  It costs you nothing and will benefit our chapter.  We can show you how to attach when we meet on the 6th.  

      You are an important part of our Project Linus Chapter as we work hard to provide security blanket hugs to kids in need.

     Thanks, Millie and Karen


Saturday, September 9, 2023

September Newsletter 2023

 Hello Blanketeers,

     Another Autumn season is upon us.  Soon the leaves will be turning beautiful colors, we will need to wear a sweater, and some kids will need a warm security blanket!


     Many of our blanket makers were on vacations during July and August – and the number of hand-made blankets declined.  We are low on inventory and anticipating your contributions this month.  Looking forward to your participation.


     Next blanket making day is scheduled for Monday the 11th - at 10:00 am - at OSLC – 25th East 39th South in Millcreek.  We have fleece for you to work on.  

     Remember the next blanket day for our Riverton Group will be September 20th at 1:00 pm – at MVMC – 30th West 90th So.

Will have fleece there also for you to work on.  


                           Summer Camps

     Kids Camps are all over for the summer.  We are so happy that we have been able to gift the children at camps with quilts and fleece blankets.  You made them all by hand.  This is the first summer that we have added a new summer camp for the children of deployed soldiers. 

     These kids had a great time.  We have blurred the faces to offer privacy – but – trust me - those faces were all smiling.  

Let's Keep Our Chapter Active.  GIVING TO KIDS IN NEED IS OUR GOAL!
Millie and Karen  

Tuesday, August 22, 2023

Aug//Sept Newsletter

 Hello Blanketeers,

A reminder - blanket making days have to push back a week because of the Labor day Holiday.  See you on Monday, September 11th at OSLC - 10:00 am 

Riverton Group will still meet the third Wednesday - September 20th - 1:00 pm at MVMC   

Attached is information about a quilt event that is sponsored by PL National every year.  It will be a fun quilt-making event in which you may want to participate.    


2023 Project Linus Mystery Quilt Challenge

"The A-MAZE-ING Tyler!"

Registration is NOW Open

Dear Project Linus Friends,


Registration is now open for the 

2023 Project Linus Mystery Quilt Challenge 

"The A-MAZE-ING Tyler"

What is the Project Linus Mystery Quilt Challenge?

The Mystery Quilt Challenge is a yearly fundraiser for Project Linus. 

Eight clues are revealed over eight weeks which will give participants 

very detailed, written with video instructions to complete a beautiful 

child-sized quilt. All levels of quilting expertise are welcome from novice 

to experienced!  We also have a fun video with videos of all the kids and 

their quilts from past years! Wait for the end...when we introduce Tyler! 

We would LOVE for you to share the link so that we reach even more 

Project Linus friends and quilters! Thank you!. 

How much does it cost?

Cost of participating in the Challenge is a $20.00 donation to Project Linus.  

If you specify your local chapter ON your registration form the donation will 

be most appreciated and will be used for Project Linus related expenses i

n your local area.

How do I participate?  

There will be a weekly "Clue" available online and activated each 

week on Saturday. Our Mystery Clues page is password protected and only 


who have officially registered for the 2023 Challenge will be able to enter.    

NOTE: Clues will NOT be emailed to you - they are available for download 

from our website only.

How do I locate my password and login credentials once I've registered?

Once you register you will receive an email from our webmaster within 

72 hours with your personal login credentials (password). Make sure is on your "Safe Sender" list. Then, you can 

click on the "Clues Page" link and access the Preparation page and 

video which will give you some suggestions for fabrics and items needed

 for this year's challenge. This year there are also two "Bonus Videos" with 

tips and tricks available as well.

Can my local chapter receive my $20 donation?

 Yes! If you would like to specify your local Project Linus chapter as the 

recipient of your donation, please enter the complete chapter name on 

your registration form WHEN you register.

When is the first clue revealed?

The first clue will be revealed on Saturday, September 23, 2023 with 

Clue #8 THE BIG REVEAL on Saturday, November 11, 2023.

Go to and click on the Mystery Quilt Challenge 

Banner. That will take you to the Registration Page.

Thank you for supporting Project Linus and we would love to have you 

join us for this year's challenge! 

Mary Balagna

Project Linus National VP

Project Linus | PO Box 1548 , Belton, MO 64012 

Sunday, June 25, 2023

July 2023 Newsletter

Hi Blanketeers, 


     Of course we realize that it’s really going to be hot this month, and no one needs a fleece blanket to keep warm. But our blankets are not just for warmth – they are security and comfort hugs for kids as well. So our work goes on. 


     Our next blanket day will be Monday July 10th at Our Saviour’s Lutheran Church – 10:00 am to 1:00 pm.  

     Riverton Group will meet at Mt Vista Methodist Church on July 19th from 1:00 to 3:00 pm.  


                        A fun “Thank You Note”

    This from a child at DDI Vantage program where we have given blankets for several years.  

Don’t know if you can read the message – but it says:

      “Dear Shomwon  - Thank you so much for the blanket It is perfect for a picnic.”  

                          Fund Raising

     The fund-raising part of our chapter is important.  Our blanketeers want to be busy making blankets, but their own private funds can only go so far.  

     Jackie has taught me how to apply for Walmart grants that are designed for nonprofit organizations that serve the needy.  We have been approved for two so far,  at $500 each.  Funds will transfer in a couple of months thru the P.L. national office. 



     Making a quilt is one of the most creative types of sewing possible.  There are no rules about color, sizes of fabric pieces put together, backing, or batting.  They can be tied throughout, stitched on a sewing machine, or stitch throughout by a long-arm machine.  

     A “make a quilt day” was held at Chris Nash’s house in June.  Everyone was assigned a particular part of the quilt process – the design, the cutting, the ironing, the backing, the sewing, the batting, and finishing.  Here is one of them.


                   Kids Summer Camps

     Again this summer, we are pleased to have contributed to the “Royal Kids Camp” that was sponsored by WICK program.  Also, we have delivered quilts to the Camp Williams summer camps for kids.  

     We are still delivering blankets to children thru age 18, at Riverton Hospital in all areas from Emergency to In-Patient and Out-Patient areas.  We are happy to be helping kids survive their trauma and have the comfort of a security blanket while they are being treated at the hospital.  


Thanks to all of you who contribute to the happiness and comfort of children.  


Millie and Karen 

Thursday, May 25, 2023

 May/June Newsletter 2023

Hi Blanketeers,


     Well, somehow I lost the month of April!  Surgery will do that to a person.  But, the work of the blanketeers did not stop in my absence.  


                                          Buying Wisely

      Jackie Cohen has taught me how to shop for fleece on-line and get great prices by buying bolts of fabric and having it delivered to my porch.  We are always looking for ways to save

our donated funds and stretch them.

    Speaking of finances – we also accept donated cotton and fleece fabric as well as yarn.  Batting is our most expensive item.  We are often lucky enough to receive the benefits of someone’s down-sizing or retiring from sewing or quilting.  If you ever have unneeded or excess supplies, just send us a note.

                                  Involving Youth

         Last month Jackie received an invitation to attend a junior high sewing class to tell the students about PL. As part of this visit, she demonstrated quilting ideas and students participated.    

From the teacher:  

      “Thank you so much for your time with my students and for        everything you do for the community. Through sewing classes, I’ll slowly introduce the younger generation to Project Linus and quilting.”

                            Riverton Blanket Day

     Attendance at Mount Vista Church blanket day is growing.  Our blanket makers work on fringed edge fleece while the Mt Vista quilters work on cotton.  Friendships have blossomed and we are so appreciative of this shared space arrangement.  Next meeting will be at 1:00 pm on June 21st – the first day of Summer!  


                              OSLC Blanket Day

  Join us on June 5th from 10:00 to 1:00, as we create fringed fleece blankets.  No need to bring anything as we have the supplies for this work-day. 3900 So. 2500 E.  


                              Sweet Charity Sisters

     We are enjoying our cooperative blanket work with Claudeen Luckart’s charitable service organization.  Her quilt makers have put together more than 100 quilt top kits for PL.  The kits were designed, cut, created, and distributed by Chris Nash and Jackie Cohen.  As they are returned, they are ready to line with

 batting and sew into quilts.  Very creative and innovative idea.  


                           Make a Quilt Day

      On June 10th a quilt-making event will be sponsored and held at Chris Nash’s home.  On this day you will be able to participate in each step of making a quilt - from the design to cutting to sewing, and finally to putting in the batting and edging the quilt.   It’s a fun social day – plan on lunch there.  Call Chris if interested call 801-550-9916


     Our next “push” will be getting ready for the summer kids camps  sponsored by various charitable organizations.  Thanks for all you do.  


Blanketeers are amazing!


Millie and Karen

Friday, March 24, 2023

Happy Snowy Spring

 Spring Newsletter 2023

Hello Blanketeers,     

     It seems like everyone is off somewhere on spring break this month, but…..we are still planning to have a blanket making day on Monday, April 3rd.  Hope you can make it over to Our Saviours Lutheran Church 10:00 am.

     Not only do we have lots of fleece to work on, but it is a convenient time for some of you to deliver the blankets you have completed. 


                      Group Quilting Day 

      Last month Chris Nash (and her sister Jackie Cohen,) hosted a group quilting day at her home in Riverton.  The plan was to teach our volunteers the process of quilt making.  They created quilts and quilt kits from start to finish.  They covered  every step from designing, sewing, batting, ironing, cutting, and finishing. 




  Quilts for Soldier’s Kids

     We are well on our way to accumulating the number of quilts needed for the summer camps and for children whose fathers/mothers have been deployed to distant assignments. 



    Our Riverton Hospital Children’s program has expanded to include the NICU as well as In-Patient, Out-Patient, and Emergency, at that hospital.  Now we are looking forward to expanding to the NICU at Alta View Hospital.  


                Mtn Vista Methodist Church

       MVMC blanket makers have always exclusively donated their blankets to PL  They meet every Wednesday. These church quilters for many years, have exclusively donated their quilts to PL.  

     Now our no-sew blanket makers, who comprise the “Riverton Group” have joined them - once a month. Their next meeting will be the 19th of April at 1:00pm. Sisters Jackie and Chris are enjoying great success with many new blanketeers joining their blanket days sharing MVMC space to work. 


                             World-Wide Quilt Day

    Sandy Senior Center hosted this event on the 18th of March.  Quilters from all over the county showed up with sewing machines and projects to work on.  Representatives from many organizations that make quilts as gifts to kids and adults attended.  They shared their ideas, their dreams, and their works of art.  And, of course, enjoyed a fun lunch together. 


     I had a moment at the mike to mention PL and give people brochures in case they wanted to donate quilts to our cause.  There were representatives from “Sweet Charity Sisters”, “Quilts for Kids”, “Square Corner Quilters”, “Quilts of Valor”, and other charitable organizations that support women, kids, and those in need.  It was inspiring to participate.  Here is a Valor Quilt- I thought you would enjoy seeing,  


Happy (Snowy) Spring,

Millie and Karen