Tuesday, March 29, 2022

  SLC Project Linus News April 2022 

Hello Blanketeers,

           OSLC Blanket Day

We are planning to meet together at OSLC on April 11th from 10:00am to 1:00pm.  On that day we will be happy to receive the blankets you have made during the last month.  Also we will plan to spend the time making fringe fleece blankets.  Remember the church still requires mask wearing.  See you then.

             Riverton Group Blanketeers

Mountain Vista Methodist Church has been sharing its space used for weekly quilting, with our blanket making group on a once a month basis.  This blanket making day is usually on the 3rd Wednesday from 1:00pm to 3:00pm.  For details contact group leader Jackie Cohen at: Jacalyntools@hotmail.com.   This is a great chance to share and make new friends.  

              Riverton Hospital

Patsy Bueno has organized an amazing successful program at this Hospital.  The program is coordinated by Kristine Hatton - Child Life Program.  This involves blankets for all children in every area of the hospital, from emergency room, in patient care, including ICU and NICU areas. The definition of child-care is from birth to age 18.  “The child first and always”

     From the hospital:    

               “On behalf of the patients who will benefit from your generosity, thank you for your thoughtful donations.  With appreciation, David L Flood, President - Intermountain Foundation.”


There are so many kids who are needing to find comfort in a new home and sometimes even in a new country.  We are trying to get security blankets to these kids thru the Utah Refugee Connection.  That program is going well and we are so happy to participate.

    Happy Spring

    Millie and Patsy



Monday, February 28, 2022

Project Linus News 2-25-22

 February 25, 2022  Project Linus News 

Happy days are here again!!

     We are scheduled to meet together for blanket making at Our Saviour’s Lutheran Church on Monday March 7th from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm.  And Riverton Group will be meeting this month also, on March 16th at 1:00 to 3:00 pm at Mountain Vista Church.

     If you have blankets to donate, please bring them on those days.  Hopefully we will be able to continue this kind of meeting now that the nasty virus is not so aggressive.  

    We will be ok with continuing to meet you at your front porch to pick up and deliver if you don’t feel comfortable meeting in a group.  We will, for sure, be masking up and staying our distance as we work.  We will not have open food, but will have packaged treats, coffee and tea. Please join us.    


    So sorry to have to give you this sad news.  Lynn Milsap has been ill recently and has passed away on February 4th.  Lynn was a lovely and talented producer of hand-made blankets.  And she was a devoted Linus Project supporter for many years.  She and Edrie Bridenbaugh took over the Riverton blanket making group after Kristin Vance moved, and necessarily gave up the coordinator’s position in Salt Lake County.  Lynn was a loyal and busy contributor to our project.  She was meticulous in her work. I will always remember when she cautioned me to be “more careful” when I cut fabric.  Lynn’s devotion will not be forgotten.  She will certainly be missed.  

     We have a new distribution site developed since October.  Riverton Hospital.  Kristine Hatton, who is a Child Life Specialist, has a Children’s program that covers every department of the hospital from NICU, to surgery, to emergency, etc.  Patsy has been delivering some 50 or more blankets there every month and Kristine is very efficient in getting them to the children who are hospitalized. An important part of our distribution program is having an on site person who is dependable and committed to getting the blankets to kids who need a security blanket.  

Looking forward to Spring,

Millie & Patsy  

Tuesday, December 21, 2021

December 2021 Newsletter

 Hello Blanketeers

     As we approach Christmas we want to be sure to let everyone know that we send our best wishes to you for a happy holiday season  We thank you sincerely for the work you have continued to do for the children served by Project Linus. 

    This past month we have been excited to deliver a record number of blankets to children.  The Refugee Program for Utah - specifically for Afghan refugees has accepted 94 blankets - many of them large.  Also we donated 60 blankets this month to the SLC Police - Pay it forward project,  There was a lovely article in the Salt Lake Tribute and a nice spot on the TV news showing the officers shopping with the children at Walmart.  We are very pleased to be a part of this connection which bridges the gap between kids and law enforcement officers.

    Speaking of Walmart - the store on Parley's way has approved a $250.00 grant for our Chapter!  

    And also about numbers, the books are now closed for the year 2021 and our total number of blankets delivered this year was 2904.   Patsy and I did not do this.  All of you volunteers did this amazing work this year.  Congratulations for all your successes.   It is heart-warming to realize how many kids in Salt Lake County are carrying around our lovingly made blankets.  There is nothing like a "security blanket!"

     Our plans for this next year will include once a month in person blanket making day at Our Saviour's Lutheran Church.  It will usually be the first Monday of every month from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm.  At this time those of you who have been making blankets will be able to drop them off there during that time even if you cannot stay to make blankets.  

     Also Riverton Group will be meeting the third Wednesday of each month at Mount Vista Methodist Church in Riverton from 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm.  We wish to thank the quilters at MVM Church for offering to share their space with our blanketers on those days,  Mtn Vista has been contributing blankets to our chapter for more than 10 years.  They have been an important part of our chapter for all this time.

     Looking forward to a wonderful 2022.   Hugs,  Millie and Patsy





Wednesday, November 10, 2021

Newsletter November 2021

 Hello Blanketeers,

                                      Welcome back to Social Blanket Making

     We are still dealing with ways to operate our Linus Chapter in the time of Covid.  The good news is that Our Saviour's Lutheran Church, where we have worked together for many years, is again open for our use on a once-a-month basis. 

   Our plan is to begin blanket days on the first Monday of each month from 10:00 am for as long as you all want to stay and make blankets.  Our first meeting on December 6th will also be our chance to say hello to the Christmas Season!

     There will be some new procedures to follow.   We will need to wear face-masks, and, will also work only two at a table in order to respect distancing.  Coffee and tea will be available in paper cups.  Any snacks and treats will not be served on open plates - but will be pre-packaged for your safety. 

                                        Riverton Group

     Since the Riverton Senior Center closed last year for Covid, those blanket makers (who met there under the direction of Jackie Cohen) have been meeting in the parking lot to exchange fabric and finished blankets.  They have been looking for a place to work together on blankets - and have finally found one.  

    Mountain Vista Methodist Church quilters have invited them to share their quilting space once a month.  MVMC quilters have been contributors to our SLC Chapter for many years.  The next blanket making day there will be Wednesday the 15th of December.

                                    Riverton Hospital

     Our chapter was contacted by Riverton Hospital - director of the Child Life Program- Kristine Hatton.  She coordinates gifts for children at every level of care; from NICU, newborn, in patient surgery and recovery, to out-patient surgery, and emergency services.  We now have a new commitment which will increase our distribution but about 75 blankets a month.  In one of their thank-you letters to us there was a famous quote from anthropologist, Margaret Mead -

   "Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has."  

     Thank you all for being part of our commitment to bring security and well being to children in need.

See you all soon,

Millie and Patsy




Monday, August 16, 2021



Hi Blanketeers,


     What a pleasure it was to meet together again with blanketeers who are fully vaccinated, wearing face covers, and feeling safe.  We met at Our Saviour’s Lutheran Church and spent 3 hours making fringe fleece.  Also, people who have been making blankets all month were able to drop by and deliver the projects they have been working on at home all month.  


     I am again scheduling a blanket making day at OSLC on September 13th, the second Monday of the month – avoiding labor-day as we assume you will all be busy then.  You are invited if you are vaccinated.  Please join us.  


     Jackie Cohen is also planning to have a blanket day for South Valley blanketeers on Friday the 27th of July.  


                              TAPS and Snowball Express

      You may remember a few years ago that we participated in a program for children of active military who have lost a loved one in the line of duty.  As it turned out the expense of shipping blankets to Florida was too much for our budget.  


     Since that time The Gary Sinise Foundation has extended that project to be The Snowball Express. The problem of shipping was still an issue even though we wanted to participate with the Florida chapter on gathering blankets for kids.  


     As it turns out, our active blanketeer, Jackie Cohen was flying to Florida this month and volunteered to box up 30 blankets and take them with her on the flight.!   Thanks so much Jackie for organizing our participation in this wonderful project for kids.  


                                    KIDS CAMP IN TOOELE

     This is the third year in a row that we have provide large fleece blankets to the kid’s camp in Tooele.  There is no Linus chapter there and we have enough to share again.  I cannot post pictures of this event as the children’s privacy is protected.  Just know that we provided 80 blankets and the kids event was very successful.                


                                THANK YOU NOTES FROM PARENTS    

   I so much wish I could share with all of you the touching thank-you messages that I receive from parents of children who receive our blankets.  Not room here to post them, and some are quite personal.  The message always includes a note that their babies and their children continue to carry and sleep with the security blankets long after the gift is received.  


                                           SOLITARY SEWING

     During the past two months blanketeers working alone have produced a record number of blankets for us to distribute.  For the total of July and August we have distributed 470 blankets to kids in need.  Remember we can only distribute what you have contributed, so thanks to all of you who consistently support our effort of blanket hugs for children.


                                                Thank You

     Just wanted to sign off by saying thank you to Patsy Bueno, who you all know is our assistant SLC coordinator of our Linus chapter.  She continues to do all the same tasks that I do for our chapter.  


     Sending Thanks and Love to all of you,




Thursday, June 10, 2021

Project Linus News - June 2021

 Hello Blanketeers,

       Looks like we are still in the mode of making blankets and quilts without meeting as social groups.  The results are not much different for the children we serve, as we are still distributing security blankets at about the same rate as last year.  It just takes some of the social and fun part out of making blankets and quilting together.  We look forward to meeting together soon – we just don’t know exactly when.


                               Pandemic Porch to Porch Quilting

    Marilyn Cowan coordinates a group of quilters named “GONE TO PIECES QUILTERS”. 

     This group use to make quilts all year and then have a sale in a large barn in Holladay area.  The money from the sales went to charity.  Then the barn was sold, and then came the pandemic.  A new format for quilting and a new outlet was needed for the quilts.  Now they contribute fabulous quilts to Project Linus for distribution to children in crisis. 


Here is a picture of a pieced quilt that was passed from porch to porch and grew as it went. 

                   This is how they still make quilts together.  

First, from their stashes, the quilters cut 9”x3&1/2 ” strips.  The strips are sent to another person who sews them together into 8x8 squares.  Then the squares are passed on to another porch for more colors and patterns.  When it reaches the preferred size, another person puts on the backing.  Still another person edges the quilt and finally it goes to the person with the long arm machine to finish!

    We at Project Linus are now so proud to label, package and distribute these amazing quilts.  Thank you to Marilyn and quilters. 


    In the last year, we have all learned new ways to work together, to work from home, to work on-line, and continue to accomplish our goals.  It is very satisfying to continue presenting security blankets to children. 


Keep on keeping on,

Millie and Patsy   

Thursday, May 13, 2021

May Newsletter 2021

 Dear Blanketeers,


Happy Spring, Happy Mother’s Day, and Happy Sewing,


We would like very much to tell you that we have been able to arrange a place to meet at least once a month.  But, that has not been possible at this point.  We think it will be soon.  We will let you know by newsletter as soon as we can arrange it.  We are hoping for June.  


At this point OSLC is still closed.  The Riverton Senior Center is open, on a limited basis, and they have not agreed for our blanket makers to use their space at this time. 


However – none of that seems to have affected the number of blankets and quilts that you have been making and donating.  Well over 200 each of the months have been submitted.  Every one of them is now in the hands of children in Salt Lake County.


                                         Quilts for Kids

“Quilts for Kids” is managed by Bernadette Turner.  She does not use flannel in her blankets as they are donated for use in the hospitals.  Flannel does not survive the industrial washing-  machines in the facilities.  Since our blankets are given as gifts to children who take them home, we do use flannel.  Bernadette has kindly teamed up with our organization and has sent flannel quilts to us for distribution and, also has donated flannel for our blanketeers to use.  Thanks to Jackie Cohen for finding this contact and helping our two organizations to team up for kids.  


                    “Thank You” Notes Received   

     Sometimes when we have enough blankets for our promised destination sites we are able to share with those close by but not in SLC.  This time we sent 20 blankets to Children’s Justice Center in Heber City.  This is the note I received.


  “Today Rosie Parker delivered three bags of beautiful blankets!  Thank you so much!  We are grateful for these and know that the children really enjoy receiving them at the conclusion of their interviews.  We appreciate your generosity.  Kenna Jones, Director”


       Thanks to all of you who create, sew, crochet, and knit the blankets.  Also, thanks to those of you who recut those unacceptable blankets and fix them.  Thanks to you all who sew labels, package blankets, and deliver them to sites all over the valley.  We have a wonderful team.


See you soon,

Millie and Patsy